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Program Code Duration Description Participants
FGOY000001S Video NA Adam, Where Are You? NA
FGOY000002S Video Transcript NA Why Men Run NA
FGOY000003S Video Transcript NA The Male Ego....Good, Bad, Ugly NA
FGOY000004S Video Transcript NA Men Are from Mars NA
FGOY000005S Video Transcript NA The Norm of Hypergamy NA
FGOY000006S Video Transcript NA Divorce NA
FGOY000007S Video Transcript NA Parenting Urban Children NA
FGOY000008S Video Transcript NA Mentoring Urban Youth NA
FGOY000009S Video Transcript NA Ministering to Urban Youth NA
FGOY000010S Video Transcript NA Sexual Addiction NA
FGOY000011S Video Transcript NA Violence in the Family NA
FGOY000012S Video Transcript NA Financial Management NA
FGOY000013S Video NA Adam, Where Are You Now? NA
FGOY000014S Video NA Finding A Wife NA
FGOY000015S Video NA For Me and My House NA
FGOY000016S Video Transcript NA Unhappy Ever After - Part 1 NA
FGOY000017S Video NA Unhappy Ever After - Part 2 NA
FGOY000018S Video NA Mens Health NA
FGOY000019S Video NA How to Be A Spiritual Man NA
FGOY000020S Video NA Talk to Me About Anger - Part 1 NA
FGOY000021S Video NA Talk to Me About Anger - Part 2 NA
FGOY000022S Video NA How to Handle Trials NA
FGOY000023S Video NA Alchohol and Substance Abuse - Part 1 NA
FGOY000024S Video NA Alcohol and Substance Abuse - Part 2 NA
FGOY000025S Video NA Game Changers NA
FGOY000026S Video NA So You Want to Get Married NA


Updated 2024-06-16