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00:01 Hi, welcome to For Guys Only,
00:03 a program that is designed to meet the needs
00:05 of the urban man.
00:06 I'm your host Pastor William Lee
00:08 and today we have a very exciting topic.
00:11 Today our topic is "Unhappy Ever After."
00:14 Join us as we go in today's broadcast.
00:29 Gentlemen, welcome once again to another broadcast today.
00:32 It's so good to see each one of you all once again
00:35 and as always we have
00:36 very interesting topic to discuss
00:38 and today is no different.
00:40 As we go in today's topic,
00:42 Brandon, why don't you pray for us
00:43 as we get started today?
00:45 Sure, let's bow our heads.
00:46 God in heaven, we thank You for this opportunity
00:48 to come together and to discuss a very important subject,
00:52 the subject of marriage.
00:54 Let the listeners be blessed
00:55 and their marriage is blessed as well we pray.
00:58 Amen. Amen.
01:00 All right, gentlemen,
01:01 let's kind of just briefly introduce ourselves today
01:04 so our audience to know exactly,
01:06 you know, who we are and what perspective we bring
01:09 to today's broadcast.
01:10 I'll start it right here.
01:12 All right, I'm Stephen Barber,
01:13 husband of one wife, have two children.
01:16 Lake Region Conference Ministry director,
01:19 entrepreneur and executive chef.
01:21 All right, very good.
01:23 My name is Colin King, I'm a father of two.
01:27 I'm married and I'm trained as a clinical psychologist.
01:31 All right, very good.
01:33 My name is Brandon Dent
01:34 and I'm a retired automotive executive.
01:36 I'm now running my own marketing firm
01:39 and I have two grown sons and a teenage daughter at home
01:43 and one wife, 27 years so I hope that will qualify me
01:48 to contribute to this discussion.
01:51 All right. You showing off.
01:52 He is showing off. Good.
01:54 I'm Pastor William Lee, I'm your host
01:56 and we married for now for eight years,
01:58 I have two sons,
02:00 six-year-old as well as 18-month-old
02:02 and I'm excited as we get into today's topic.
02:04 The topic of marriage, gentlemen,
02:07 the topic of marriage but this is unique
02:08 because we put a twist on it.
02:10 Our title is "Unhappy Ever After."
02:14 Now usually we think of marriage
02:16 as being something that's just full of bliss
02:18 and total happiness.
02:19 We know, you know, you have the theme,
02:20 you know, you got married and you are happily ever after.
02:22 You just totally happy but now we are saying
02:25 that you aren't unhappy ever after.
02:27 You know, what's going on here?
02:29 We will look at marriages and as a pastor, you know,
02:31 I've counseled many, many married couples,
02:34 even pre-married couples of course
02:36 but there seems to be a shifting
02:39 and what's happening in our world today especially
02:41 as we visit the church as well
02:43 where marriages are not sticking together.
02:47 There is a lot of discontent in our marriages today
02:51 whether be from the husband or from the wife.
02:53 There is this a lot of conflict that is going on.
02:56 When you get married you are specially to be happy
02:59 but then at some point you slowly drift away.
03:03 Brandon, I'm kind of throw it out to you right now.
03:06 What are some of the reasons that marriages tend to find,
03:12 tension is strive and are there some steps
03:14 that we can take to better our marriages?
03:18 Yeah, well, I will start with the first piece
03:20 some of the sources of discontent.
03:23 A lot of times there hasn't been enough time to date
03:27 and get to no one another upfront.
03:30 So you think you know who you are marrying
03:32 but in fact you don't.
03:34 Over time the real person comes to the surface
03:38 and that can create some problems.
03:41 Another reason which is kind of tied
03:44 to this is sometimes it's actually intentional
03:47 that someone not show all of who they are.
03:51 They may not be marrying for love,
03:52 they might be marrying for security or other reasons
03:56 thinking that they can tolerate
03:58 whatever it is in the personality
04:00 in the character that that they may not be into
04:03 and of course time shows that they are not gonna be happy
04:08 and that starts to manifest itself
04:12 in this discontent in the marriage.
04:17 Sometimes men will not think anything is wrong
04:24 but when they really start to open things up
04:28 either they will see a counselor
04:29 or start talking with a pastor
04:31 whatever, you will find that
04:32 perhaps there was an incident of infertility,
04:34 incident of--
04:36 and it doesn't have to be a lot of them
04:38 but, you know, you it can be have
04:40 an isolate incident of abuse and then these little things
04:45 which perhaps the man is thinking well,
04:47 I said I'm sorry and I got passed it
04:49 he doesn't realize that these,
04:51 these things are stuck in the mind of the spouse
04:54 and it's got to play itself out in the relationship.
04:59 So just to start things off there are variety of reasons
05:04 why discontent can surface in
05:06 what you thought was the beginning
05:08 of a happy marriage.
05:09 Okay, let me, let me tell us this words
05:11 we have from our discussion, you know, most married couples
05:14 start off as, as really good friends.
05:18 I mean, they start off,
05:19 you know, they are dating each other,
05:20 they were friends then it became best friends.
05:23 In fact, even the Bible says in Proverbs 18:24
05:27 that "A man that hath friends must shew" first "shew himself
05:32 to be friendly himself."
05:33 You know, so and we know that there is a friend
05:36 that's too closer than a brother and that as Jesus.
05:38 So, you know, but there is a slow gradual process
05:43 sometimes where we are-- they become not good friends
05:48 but sometimes there comes a wall in between them.
05:51 Help us, you know, kind of get over that wall
05:55 and identify some of those issues
05:57 so that this married couple
05:58 can come back to be great friends
06:01 and lovers once again.
06:03 What can be done?
06:04 Well, first-- I mean, just say
06:07 the most obvious thing out there
06:08 open your mouth, man.
06:09 Communication, you know, is the biggest thing
06:13 that hinders relationships today.
06:15 My wife always if she feels me giving a little distance
06:18 or little-- call all men do it,
06:20 you know, you get caught up in your business
06:22 and I got to market this product,
06:24 I got to get down here and get this done,
06:26 I got to go off and minister to these brothers
06:28 and she will be like, hey, I'm not your roommate.
06:31 You know, I'm, your wife.
06:32 That's right. That's right.
06:34 And I'm like,
06:35 you are right babe, you are right.
06:37 I will say, so what we gonna have to do?
06:38 We have to set up a date night
06:39 I'll come home and I will do it,
06:41 you know, in my own creative way,
06:42 you know, try-- I make her feel that you are still the spouse.
06:45 You are the queen of my house
06:47 and I love you above any and all.
06:50 You know, there is God then there is you.
06:53 Okay, so momma is not even in the picture.
06:55 I love my momma, I love you, momma, wherever you are.
06:57 You know, where can be I love you.
07:00 But even my mother know yeah, your wife comes first.
07:03 You know, she told me that your wife comes first.
07:05 The happiness, the joy, the sharing,
07:09 everything that pertains to happiness in the home
07:12 pertains around the man protecting and providing
07:16 for his wife.
07:18 But, you know, I heard what you say.
07:20 The first you say better open your mouth.
07:22 You know, communication is important.
07:24 Dr. King, I know that somehow
07:27 we are way differently though then women.
07:29 The man is--
07:30 we communicate as men differently than women do,
07:33 you know.
07:34 And you say open your mouth
07:36 but for man it may not to be that easy sometimes.
07:38 Dr. King, help us understand, you know, this whole thing
07:40 about communication and open your mouth.
07:42 You know, as guys, you know,
07:44 we tend to be clueless at times.
07:47 We don't pick up on clues very well.
07:51 We don't like to talk.
07:53 Actually, interestingly
07:55 when men are with a group of people
07:58 men tend to talk more than women.
08:01 Okay.
08:02 But when a man,
08:04 his married days with his wife he tends to talk less.
08:10 Because women tend to kind of a zero
08:13 in on emotional content
08:16 and as men we don't like to talk
08:19 a lot about our feelings and emotions because
08:21 and we feel vulnerable.
08:24 You know, women just physiologically,
08:27 women have a larger corpus callosum,
08:32 you know, which kind of houses
08:34 our whole bonding feeling system.
08:39 Ironically it's one of the reasons
08:41 why more women are depressed than men.
08:43 You know, they are made,
08:44 they are structured their design to feel more
08:48 because, you know, they bear children
08:50 and so there is that natural bonding.
08:53 For whatever reason guys are afraid of that bonding thing
08:58 and so we tend to isolate,
09:00 we tend to create our own cave or retreat centers
09:04 what is in the basement or in the garage
09:06 or one of you and, you know, Stephen said it right.
09:09 Open your mouth and talk
09:12 but sometimes it's difficult to talk
09:16 because whenever
09:17 I'm interacting with the female in variably
09:20 she is gonna touch on an emotional content
09:23 like my wife does.
09:24 And if I'm secured emotionally
09:27 I tend to avoid that and then, you know,
09:31 we start to drift apart
09:33 and once again a guy will tell you,
09:35 you know, I'm fine, everything is fine
09:37 but a woman will say I'm miserable.
09:40 This is not working at all.
09:43 And so we live our lives in denial
09:47 until we drift so far apart
09:49 that is difficult to come back together again.
09:51 So you are right, open your mouth and talk.
09:53 Okay. Okay.
09:55 And then it's important to try and get at the heart of what,
10:00 you know, what is the concern for your wife.
10:04 There are some concerns that seem superficial
10:08 but they are so significant
10:10 that they actually keep you from getting the first base
10:13 on the bigger issue.
10:14 For example,
10:17 when you are dating you were always sharp,
10:20 here always done, right.
10:23 Shave nice and tight. Smell good.
10:26 Now you married for couple years
10:28 it just kind of let things go.
10:31 You are working hard, one extra day
10:34 without the razor won't hurt
10:36 and it's starting to bother her because you are not keeping up
10:39 the appearance of the dude she married, right.
10:43 Now you want to come in and talk about what's going on
10:47 and perhaps there is a bigger problem
10:50 but this higher level superficial one
10:53 may not open her up
10:54 that even want to have that conversation
10:56 because right now this first thing
10:58 which is annoying factor for her
11:01 is sitting front in center on the sofa saying,
11:03 hey can we talk.
11:05 Okay.
11:07 You know, I just wanted to piggy back
11:09 on what Brandon said.
11:10 You know, there is a good reason for that,
11:12 you know, ask guys we are hunters, you know.
11:15 So once, once we are captured we are done, you know,
11:19 and, you know, women are mostly gathers.
11:23 You know, they like to bond. You know, we like to hunt.
11:27 And so as guys, you know,
11:28 we need to be able to zero in on the fact
11:31 that is good to look sharp,
11:33 you know, it's good to be in a hunt
11:35 but, you know, one there's a capture
11:37 that we need to make that special effort to bond
11:41 because that's just as important as a hunting.
11:45 Okay. Okay.
11:46 You know, I'm thinking about this guy right now
11:48 that is watching again as always
11:51 and he is thinking that,
11:53 you know, I'm just unhappy right now.
11:55 I've gotten married, you know,
11:57 I was in love with my wife for a while may been,
12:01 you know, some years
12:02 but at the end right now in his heart
12:04 he is just not content right now.
12:06 He know that there is an issues that that's been going on
12:09 but he is not communicating those issues
12:11 he is just kind of mess them.
12:13 But right now he is absolutely frustrated
12:15 and he is thinking about
12:16 just kind of walking away as well.
12:18 You know, help us out again guys
12:20 because I know each one of you all,
12:22 you know, in your own marriages
12:23 God has blessed you all but, you know,
12:26 what about that guy who, you know,
12:28 the woman that she may have some discontent as well
12:30 but the guy has discontent as well.
12:33 you know, One thing as to talk about
12:35 but what else can we do as well as guys to help us
12:40 with our own issues in our minds.
12:42 Yeah, what you are talking about is that,
12:44 is that cry for help, that silent cry for help,
12:50 that I may not quite know how to verbalize.
12:54 You know, I feel frustrated, I feel distant,
12:58 I feel I die of drifted but how do I reconnect
13:02 because keep in mind that, you know,
13:04 we have that strong male ego,
13:06 you know, I may try to reconnect
13:09 and my wife may say, forget you.
13:11 You know, you had your chance.
13:13 you know, So this is not your time.
13:14 I think it's important that
13:17 we learn how to reach out for help.
13:19 Whether its through a professional service,
13:23 whether its through or pastor,
13:26 or whether its through a confident
13:28 preferably one of the same sex.
13:31 And so it's important as a guy,
13:34 as guys we have at least one person in whom
13:39 we can confine and in whom we are willing to see
13:44 this, these are what I think are the issues now help me,
13:49 reflect what I'm saying and let us find solutions.
13:52 You know, don't confined someone
13:55 who will quickly see, so what are you waiting for,
13:59 walk away.
14:00 So choose your confident very, very carefully.
14:03 That's good. That's good. That's good.
14:05 Brandon, there has to be few more steps,
14:07 few more steps where it relates to improve this marriage.
14:11 I have five things that I like to share with our audience.
14:17 We started with the first one and that is communication.
14:20 Communication is very essential.
14:24 Just getting your spouse to be willing to sit down and talk
14:30 that you both might be ready to walk out the door.
14:34 You are not coming to say
14:36 I'm going to change your desire
14:42 to walk out of the door in this conversation.
14:45 That's way too lofty, okay.
14:47 You just want to agree to let's sit down and talk.
14:49 What that does, it buys time so that the Holy Spirit
14:54 can start working in your heart and in her heart
14:59 and that's number two.
15:03 It's no good if you buy the time
15:04 but don't then subscribe for the help.
15:07 So you have to agree can we lead out with prayer,
15:12 can we let the Holy Spirit lead us.
15:14 Not just come from what we are feeling
15:17 but get God involved so that as we talk,
15:22 as we go down whatever path we are on,
15:25 how wherever we are gonna land
15:26 that at least we do it with the assurance
15:28 that the Holy Spirit is leading.
15:34 One important prayer I want to make was that
15:38 if you want a truly successful marriage
15:40 it's gonna be a marriage that is spiritually edifying.
15:44 In other words you are gonna help each other
15:47 pursue righteousness, pursue your eternal salvation.
15:53 When you tie your eternal salvation
15:59 with the dynamics of your marriage
16:03 then you ask the question, do I want to be saved?
16:05 Yes, I want to be saved.
16:06 Then guess what, yes,
16:08 we want to make sure we get this marriage right
16:09 because it is so closely related
16:12 to our eternal destiny.
16:14 The third piece and there are five of them.
16:17 The third piece is especially if you have a discontent wife,
16:22 right,
16:25 is to let her, articulate her concerns
16:30 accepted you may not think it fits, the shoe fits.
16:33 You may not think it's appropriate
16:38 but you are at a place where you need to just let her
16:42 articulate her concerns.
16:44 Write them down, okay.
16:48 Echo them back to her
16:49 so that she understands you got it,
16:51 that you are listening,
16:53 okay, showing some empathy for her situation.
16:55 This is not a time to say,
16:57 well, you know, I also have some concerns too.
17:00 We can get to that later.
17:01 Right now, just let her talk, right.
17:06 Then I'm gonna put my engineering head out,
17:08 then I say take parietal approach.
17:11 A parietal is a guy who said, in quality.
17:15 Figure out what you're biggest,
17:17 what are your quality problems are
17:18 and put them in order of the greatest to the least.
17:23 The biggest problem down to the least
17:25 and then work on just the top three.
17:28 By doing that you will make
17:30 the greatest improvement in your quality
17:33 over those three items that you could possibly--
17:35 over any three items that you could possibly make.
17:40 So take these concerns that she has,
17:43 have her prioritize them
17:45 and see you can agree to work on the top three.
17:48 Before you work on them though
17:50 have-- get an understanding what does the,
17:53 what does the success look like.
17:55 How does it-- you know, I could say,
17:57 well, I'll handle this this way
17:58 and it may not do anything for her.
18:00 So make sure you understand from her
18:02 what is, what the success look like in these,
18:07 in dealing with the, in resolving these matters
18:09 so that you are actually working a plan
18:11 toward a resolution that will work for her.
18:16 And then the last, the last is actually do the work.
18:22 Take a spiritual God led approach
18:25 to working on those issues.
18:28 And just remember that if you go through this process
18:32 in a diligent fashion
18:34 you will begin to
18:36 have an affect on her character,
18:37 just having her watch you go through this process
18:41 will have an impact on the relationship.
18:43 That's right. Okay. Okay.
18:45 You know, there is a little our view,
18:46 really pathetical with this right here.
18:48 The guy is saying, you know what,
18:49 she just annoys me.
18:51 You know, I have been living with her for such a long time
18:54 and, you know, every night she just snores,
18:57 you know, and it bothers me.
19:00 And he has lived with this for so long
19:01 and he is like, oh, my goodness,
19:03 I can't do anything else right now.
19:04 I want, you know, and he goes to the other room
19:07 and he's been sleeping in the other room right now
19:09 and now she is upset as well
19:10 and that's created even more distance.
19:13 You know, snoring is one, it maybe
19:15 leaving that's what I see upon other thing,
19:16 you know, whatever.
19:17 How do we handle, you know, the annoying things
19:20 that happen in marriages that has caused married couples
19:24 to so to speak separate
19:25 or as you say be a roommate in a home.
19:28 What can we do to help stop being a roommate
19:32 and being so separate in our lives?
19:34 Well, when it starts with the--
19:36 it starts with the small things always.
19:37 You know, always be open to communication at that point
19:40 because honey, I know you snore,
19:42 you know, you do like I do.
19:43 You know, when my baby sweet baby snores,
19:46 you know, I really I kind of roll over
19:48 and, you know,
19:50 oh, didn't mean to wake you baby
19:52 but can you roll over, please.
19:56 You know, but always, you know, say something.
19:58 Hey, just, you know, you are snoring,
20:00 as you know, not really-- don't say you are snoring
20:02 but, you know, you kind of keep me up and nice, sweaty.
20:04 You know, you kind of do this
20:05 and I know I have my things too.
20:07 You know, if I was snoring what would you do?
20:09 Okay.
20:10 The biggest thing, what would you do
20:11 if I was snoring and keeping you awake?
20:13 You know, but lead in to additional come up,
20:15 you know, baby, your snoring is keeping me up
20:17 what would you do?
20:19 Yeah, diplomacy.
20:20 You know, that can't be healthy,
20:22 you-- the sign that
20:23 you might not be getting the restored of rest.
20:25 Maybe we should have this look back, you know.
20:27 So concerned for her. Right. Right.
20:29 I mean, there are ways around it,
20:31 you know, you have to ease up.
20:32 Now you just can't just come in
20:34 do it like your dorm room and your dorm mate in college.
20:37 You know, you snoring throw a pillow right him, no.
20:39 You have to, you know, come up on,
20:40 you got to warm up to just like you have to warm up to
20:42 in every other situation.
20:45 Don't give her flowers at three in the morning now.
20:46 You know, as you gonna women will start to hate.
20:49 But let her just approach her,
20:51 you know, start with small things
20:53 but if you let the small things build up
20:55 they get to the bigger things.
20:57 And after a while where before it sound a cue
21:00 and now its just keeping me awake
21:02 and now I can't stand you I going in other room.
21:04 You know, so we want to start at the beginning
21:07 and just move forward from there.
21:10 But if we are so far gone
21:11 that we are in the other room and we are thinking about it,
21:15 is this was it I'm now,
21:16 I'm not in the only the other room
21:17 I hear through walls I need to do downstairs.
21:20 We then we need to
21:22 actually seriously have a date night
21:25 where we are gonna talk about our problems.
21:27 You come with your list to me
21:29 I'm gonna come with my list to you
21:31 and then write it down.
21:32 Go out in public,
21:34 you know, to a public-- nice restaurant
21:35 somewhere she is always wanted to go
21:37 and try out if you got to put out
21:38 few more dollars in there,
21:40 the few more dollars will justify
21:42 and then what, have your own.
21:44 It's worth it.
21:46 It sounds great
21:47 and actually I hope that,
21:49 you know, that the brothers are listening right now.
21:51 Even though the ladies are listening right now
21:52 will take us in a heed some of these advices well
21:55 but what about that couple who is on a verge?
21:58 I mean, they just need, really right now
22:01 someone just blows at them
22:02 or if the husband or the wife says
22:04 one more thing then they are gone.
22:06 I mean, they are literally headed up to here
22:09 with all the noises and all the mess.
22:11 You know, what kind of advice do we give
22:13 that person as well who says I'm not to hear right now.
22:16 You know, you are there,
22:18 you know, you are absolutely right.
22:19 There are some things that
22:20 that can take a toll on a relationship,
22:23 you know, snoring could be one of them.
22:26 Awful money management, problems with the children,
22:30 problems with the step children,
22:32 verbal abuse, physical abuse,
22:35 you know, things that, you know,
22:36 are not going to get better.
22:38 You know, let us face it it's not going to get better.
22:41 What advice can we give
22:43 to such a couple or such a person?
22:45 I think as a guy it's important for me to realize that
22:48 I cannot change the other person.
22:52 So my very first advice is
22:53 you cannot change that other person
22:56 and there is some things
22:58 that you may not be able to change either.
23:01 If this thing is gonna work then I've got to work on me.
23:04 Yes, I can take you out to a nice restaurant
23:06 which by the way this is excellent advice
23:09 but I got to go out with the intent of changing me
23:13 not pointing at you and say okay,
23:16 this is what you are doing wrong
23:17 and this is what you are doing wrong
23:18 and this is why I'm in a basement
23:20 and this is why I have to quit our room.
23:23 I think-- But that's what happens though.
23:24 Absolutely. Absolutely.
23:26 Now enjoy your meal, honey. Yeah.
23:29 You take this meal.
23:32 And it only gets worse.
23:34 From there I've got to be the bigger person.
23:36 I know we spoke early about leadership
23:39 so as the leader I've got to be the one
23:42 to seek forgiveness
23:44 because remember women have a larger bonding system
23:49 they don't forget easily
23:51 and they can harbor those emotional content
23:54 until, you know, they move from a drift or running stream.
23:58 So I've got to be the first person to see
24:00 this is what I'm gonna do to work on me
24:03 and because I'm committed to the relationship
24:06 I'm not gonna be perfect.
24:08 But here is at least two or three things
24:10 that I will work on
24:12 and if you see me faltering I want you to tell me,
24:16 you know, so we've got to make that important step first.
24:20 Also it's important to realize--
24:22 I'm gonna use an analogy that is just and analogy.
24:25 You know, it's not a good idea to fight with a skunk.
24:30 You are gonna lose, you are gonna lose
24:33 and by that it mean
24:35 if you are already in a bad situation
24:37 why are you gonna pour gasoline
24:40 on that situation only make it worse.
24:43 There are some battles that are not worth fighting.
24:47 There are some things you just have to let go.
24:50 I look at my parents, you know, I look at my mom and dad
24:53 and my mom said to me once, you know,
24:55 sometimes you have to give up your right
24:58 to make this thing work.
25:01 So not a piece of that advice is you can't win every battle.
25:07 Don't try to fight with a skunk you can only make it worse.
25:10 Wow. Okay.
25:11 You know, I think it's interesting
25:14 the process that I talked about it was really focusing on
25:19 what can I do to change.
25:21 Absolutely.
25:23 But I was starting with a premise that
25:27 my wife has a problem with me.
25:29 You made it very interesting.
25:31 If I start with the premise that
25:32 I have a problem with my wife and still take that approach
25:37 what can I do to elevate your pains,
25:40 your burdens in this marriage.
25:43 I guarantee you if you work that process
25:46 well, I guess I can't give guarantees
25:48 but it's very probable that if you work that process
25:51 there will be a point in time where she will say,
25:55 I want to do some change into for you
25:59 but you start by focus among yourself
26:01 and what you can do to make things better.
26:04 You also remember that we said it in our vows
26:06 forsaking our lovers that includes yourself.
26:09 So as I said before somewhere along the line
26:12 you put yourself in front of your wife,
26:14 you know, when it came to a lot of these situations
26:18 even if they are just small.
26:20 So we need to find out,
26:22 if you feed something it's gonna get bigger.
26:24 So that's one of the things we need to look at
26:27 forsaking all others.
26:28 Am I forsaking myself for my wife's happiness,
26:30 for happiness in the home?
26:31 Okay. Okay. Very good.
26:33 You know, brother, that listening to me right now
26:35 it's amazing that
26:37 we serve a God of another chance.
26:40 God is not a God of just the second chance
26:43 but He keeps on giving us
26:44 chance after chance after chance
26:47 and I believe that when you submit yourself to God
26:49 and when the Holy Spirit
26:51 continues to work on your own heart
26:53 and your own mind
26:54 and you desire to make things better.
26:57 I believe that God is able to restore those things
27:00 that are broken, even our broken marriages.
27:03 When a heart is broken God is supreme heart fixer.
27:07 I want to challenge you my brother right now,
27:09 even my sister listening to me right now as well
27:12 to submit yourself to God,
27:14 to know they have God before you
27:16 can nobody else be against you.
27:18 Your marriage maybe in the basement right now
27:21 but God has a way of brining you up
27:24 as you submit to Him no matter how bad things are,
27:27 no matter how bad the outlook is, right now
27:30 I challenge you to fall on your knees right now
27:33 and ask God to bring about
27:35 the healing and the reconciliation
27:36 that He wants to bring and I know my God will do it.
27:40 Gentlemen, our time is up already
27:43 but I believe right now
27:45 that a man and a woman will be brought back together
27:48 by the love of God.
27:50 It is the love of God that constrains us.
27:53 Until next time I'm Pastor William Lee
27:55 and I hope that you indeed receive a rich blessing
27:58 from today's broadcast.
27:59 May God continue to richly bless you.


Revised 2023-04-13