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00:01 In the Bible in Isaiah 58:13,
00:03 God speaks of My Holy Day.
00:07 Muslims today keep Friday as their holy day.
00:09 Jews and a growing number of Christians
00:12 go to church on Saturday.
00:14 And then there's the majority of Christians
00:16 that keep Sunday.
00:18 Which day is the right day?
00:20 That's our topic, stay tuned.
01:14 Welcome to part 12 of the 13-part series
01:17 called Good News for Muslims,
01:19 discussing Christian Muslim issues.
01:22 And we're right down near the end.
01:24 We've only got one more program after this,
01:25 so, thank you for being with us today.
01:28 Our topic today is called God's Holy Day.
01:32 What day is really God's Holy Day?
01:35 My guest again is Shahbaz.
01:36 Shahbaz, you're still here with me.
01:38 Thank you.
01:40 We've got one more program to go,
01:42 11 behind us, and this is a big one.
01:45 So we're going to talk about which day is God's day.
01:50 And in our last program,
01:52 we went down through Exodus Chapter 20,
01:55 and we talked about the Ten Commandments.
01:58 And as we discussed,
02:00 there's a general respect for Moses
02:04 in the Muslim community, isn't that right?
02:06 That's correct.
02:07 They believe, at least the first five books
02:10 are considered to be pure.
02:11 That's right.
02:12 And as we looked at Exodus 20,
02:14 which is the second book of Moses,
02:17 we went down through
02:18 the Ten Commandments one by one,
02:21 and we didn't spend a lot of time
02:23 on the fourth commandment.
02:25 But let's zero in on this one.
02:27 Why don't you open your Bible?
02:30 And why don't you read this,
02:31 and I'll just follow along here.
02:33 Exodus 20:8-11,
02:37 which is commandment number four.
02:40 Okay, I'm reading,
02:42 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
02:44 Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work:
02:48 But the seventh day is the Sabbath
02:50 of the Lord thy God.
02:52 In it thou shalt not do any work,
02:54 thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter,
02:57 thy manservant, nor thy maidservant,
03:01 nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger
03:03 that is within thy gates:
03:05 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth,
03:07 and sea and all that in them is,
03:10 and rested the seventh day:
03:12 wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day,
03:15 and hallowed it."
03:16 Okay, so that's commandment number four.
03:18 It's the only commandment of all 10
03:21 that starts out with the word "Remember."
03:23 That's correct.
03:24 You know, eight of them say thou shalt not this or that,
03:28 you shalt not kill, you shalt not commit adultery,
03:30 you shalt not bear false witness.
03:32 One of them, the fifth one, says,
03:34 "Honor your father and your mother."
03:36 But the fourth one alone says remember.
03:40 And when you think of remember, what comes to mind?
03:44 Don't forget.
03:46 Yeah, don't forget. Yeah.
03:48 If my wife told me to go to the market,
03:51 and don't forget,
03:54 remember to get a loaf of bread.
03:57 If I came back with a pizza
04:00 or, you know, some other things,
04:02 but I forgot that loaf of bread,
04:04 I'd be in trouble.
04:05 Remember.
04:07 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
04:09 So here God talks about not forgetting His day
04:14 that we should keep holy.
04:15 Now, I think everybody knows, in Islam,
04:19 the holy day for Muslims is Friday.
04:24 Now, enlighten us and tell us, where did that come from,
04:27 why is that the case?
04:29 From jumu'ah in Arabic or jom'e in Persian.
04:32 It's the Persian pronunciation of it.
04:35 Is the day that Muslims venerate
04:39 as their day of prayer coming together.
04:43 Jumu'ah means to come together.
04:45 Jumu'ah?
04:46 Yeah, jumu'ah in Arabic. Yeah.
04:49 It means to come together. Okay.
04:51 And so it's a day that Muslims, wherever they are,
04:54 they come to their mosques and they pray.
04:59 Of course when Muhammad began his ministry,
05:05 in the beginning,
05:07 that was not part of their belief systems.
05:10 But eventually,
05:11 as he began to get these revelations,
05:14 that was also added,
05:15 and he also wanted to contribute something
05:19 to his religion,
05:21 because here, as far as he was concerned,
05:24 Christians kept Sunday.
05:26 And the Jews, they all kept Saturday
05:29 as the day of...
05:30 That was holy to them and rest.
05:32 So he decided
05:34 that Friday would be the day for Muhammad
05:37 and his followers.
05:40 And there are other reasons
05:41 that are given based on the Hadith.
05:44 And that Allah told, for instance, told Muhammad,
05:48 I'm going to read one of these Hadith right now.
05:50 This is a Hadith from the narration
05:52 of Abu Hurairah,
05:56 and he's quoting, supposedly,
05:59 he's quoting the Prophet Muhammad.
06:01 And it reads, "The best day
06:04 that the sun has risen upon is Friday.
06:07 On it, Adam was created, and on it,
06:10 he entered Paradise, and on it
06:13 he was expelled from it.
06:15 And the hour will not be established
06:18 except on Friday."
06:20 So the Hadith, and the Quran,
06:23 they exalt that day as a day
06:25 that is the best day of the week,
06:27 and that all Muslims are to
06:29 basically keep that day
06:32 and as a day of coming together for prayer.
06:35 You mentioned it's in the Quran?
06:37 Yes.
06:38 I think that is the only one place
06:39 in the Quran?
06:41 No, there are more than one.
06:43 But the major one
06:45 is found in Surah 62:9
06:50 62:9, okay, I've got that.
06:52 And let me read that.
06:53 "O you who believe,
06:55 when the call is made for prayer on Friday,
06:58 then hasten to the remembrance of Allah and leave off trading,
07:02 that is better for you, if you know."
07:04 That's right.
07:06 And in fact, that is the only verse
07:07 in the Quran that talks about Friday.
07:10 Yeah.
07:12 This is their purpose and reason
07:15 and they believe this is the day
07:17 that all mankind should be honoring.
07:20 Okay, so this was a revelation to.
07:25 Partly, this particular verse was a revelation from Gabriel,
07:29 and given to Muhammad,
07:32 according to the Islamic tradition.
07:34 And plus the Hadith that supports,
07:36 of course, the Hadith were not written
07:39 until after the death of the Prophet.
07:41 Okay, you mentioned that in the Hadith,
07:43 you read that little bit ago
07:45 that it talks about Friday being the day
07:47 that Adam was created?
07:50 Yes. Okay.
07:51 Let's take a look at that.
07:53 He was created, and he entered into paradise on that day.
07:56 And that is true, according to the Bible.
08:00 We started with Exodus,
08:02 the fourth commandment about the Sabbath.
08:05 And it says, "In six days, the Lord made heaven and earth,
08:08 the sea and all that is in them,
08:09 and He rested on the seventh day.
08:11 And that points us back to Genesis Chapter 1
08:15 and Chapter 2.
08:19 And as the Hadith says, Adam was made on the sixth day.
08:24 And that agrees with the Bible.
08:28 It says in Genesis 1:26,
08:32 "And God said, 'Let us make man in Our image,
08:36 after Our likeness."
08:38 And as you keep reading a little bit farther down
08:40 in verse 31, it says,
08:41 "The evening and the morning were the sixth day."
08:43 So we do have evidence in Moses,
08:47 that Adam was made on the sixth day.
08:51 But then it goes on in Chapter 2.
08:55 And why don't you read verses 1, 2, and 3?
08:59 "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished,
09:01 and all the host of them.
09:03 And on the seventh day God ended His work,
09:06 which He had made,
09:07 and He rested on the seventh day
09:09 from all His work which He had made.
09:11 And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it:
09:14 because that in it He had rested
09:17 from all His work
09:18 which God created and made."
09:20 Okay, let's just make a few points on this.
09:24 The Hadith is right that
09:27 God did make Adam on the sixth day.
09:29 But then it goes on in the Bible in Moses' writings
09:34 that the seventh day was the day that God rested.
09:36 Now, a lot of people think that the Sabbath
09:40 or the seventh day is really a Jewish day.
09:44 I think that's a pretty common view.
09:47 But in Genesis,
09:49 there were no Jews at this point,
09:51 at least in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2,
09:54 Adam was not Jewish.
09:56 God didn't make a Jew, He made a man.
09:59 And then He took Eve from Adam, and made Eve.
10:04 So here we have, you know, God resting on the seventh day.
10:08 And, you know, to me,
10:12 there's a disconnect,
10:15 when, as you've told me, in Islam,
10:19 there's a high regard for the writings of Moses
10:23 that Moses' writings are considered to be pure.
10:26 And, you know, referring to Moses' writings whereas,
10:31 you know, describing that Adam was made on the sixth day.
10:34 But then in Moses' writings it continues on
10:36 and says that God ended His work
10:40 and that He rested and He blessed the seventh day
10:45 and He sanctified it.
10:46 And the word sanctified means that He set it apart for man.
10:51 And again, it wasn't a Jewish day.
10:54 And so, you know, we have the Islamic belief
10:58 that Moses' writings are pure.
11:00 And yet in these writings,
11:02 we have the seventh day being the day
11:07 that God set apart for humanity.
11:12 And He did that
11:13 before there was ever sin on earth.
11:16 No Jews and no sin?
11:17 No Jews and no sin, and nobody except Adam,
11:22 and later on Eve, when God made Eve from his rib.
11:26 But this was an act,
11:29 that God was basically blessing this day
11:32 as a remembrance of creation,
11:35 and as a day that man needed to have rest one day.
11:40 And, in fact, when we're talking about rest,
11:42 Muslim communities believe
11:46 that Christians and Jews are in error
11:49 when they say God needed to rest.
11:50 They say God doesn't get tired, why would He need to rest?
11:54 In fact, there is a verse in the Quran,
11:55 if you don't mind I'll read that really quickly.
11:57 Sure.
11:58 This is from Quran,
12:04 Surah 50:38,
12:06 it reads, "And we did certainly
12:08 create the heavens and the earth,
12:11 and what is between them in six days,
12:14 and there touched us no weariness."
12:17 Allah is speaking here in the form of we and us,
12:20 but He's speaking alone.
12:22 But He's saying that,
12:23 "I didn't get tired when I created the world."
12:26 Basically, this is to refute,
12:31 or stand against that text in the Bible
12:34 in Genesis Chapter 2,
12:35 where it says God rested.
12:37 But what they misunderstand is that
12:40 God didn't need to rest.
12:41 He did that to be an example to humanity,
12:45 that we need to rest.
12:47 God made us.
12:48 We're not perfect like in the sense that He is.
12:51 So He made a day of rest for Adam and Eve,
12:53 even in perfection.
12:54 They had to have a day of rest.
12:56 Six days, they were to work, one day, they had to have rest.
12:59 And so they pick on this,
13:05 but they don't come to the conclusion
13:06 and understand that
13:08 the Bible is not saying that God was weary or tired.
13:10 Right.
13:11 There's another verse in Isaiah that says He fainteth not,
13:13 nor He's weary and so.
13:15 That's right.
13:16 And it doesn't really say in Genesis Chapter 2,
13:19 that He was tired, and that's why He rested.
13:22 It says that He did rest on this,
13:25 and He blessed the seventh day
13:27 and He sanctified it,
13:28 meaning that He set it apart for man.
13:29 That's right.
13:31 So you're saying that He did that,
13:33 not because He was worn out,
13:34 but because He was establishing a day
13:38 for humanity?
13:39 That's right.
13:41 It's like a gardener who plants a beautiful garden.
13:43 He's not weary or tired, and he has worked.
13:46 And then he sits on a couch
13:48 and just looks at the work of his hand.
13:51 Basically, God rested from working.
13:56 He paused from His work of creation He paused.
14:00 And that pause, in Hebrew is referred to as rest.
14:05 But it doesn't mean that He was tired.
14:08 In Mark 2:27, Jesus said,
14:11 "'The Sabbath was made for man."
14:14 So that shows that the reason why God rested was
14:16 because He was setting that day apart for man.
14:19 That's right. He rested.
14:21 He made that day for man.
14:25 So I guess, you know, the question would be,
14:27 well, why would He change it later on?
14:29 Why would He change it either,
14:31 you know, a lot of Christians believe
14:32 He changed it to Sunday,
14:34 in honor of the resurrection.
14:36 Although if you really look at Matthew,
14:38 Mark, Luke and John, and beyond that,
14:42 the writings of Paul, there really is no evidence
14:45 in the New Testament,
14:46 that the resurrection of Jesus on Sunday,
14:50 which was also called the first day of the week,
14:52 that changed the day.
14:55 In fact, if you really look closer at Matthew,
14:57 Mark, Luke and John,
15:00 there's no statement of Jesus at all,
15:05 even one time where the words the first day of the week
15:09 came out of His mouth.
15:10 He said nothing about the first day of the week,
15:12 He taught nothing about the first day of the week.
15:15 And in Matthew 28:19-20,
15:18 He told His disciples to go into all the world,
15:21 and to preach the gospel, the good news,
15:24 and then to teach all things
15:27 whatsoever I have commanded you.
15:30 And then He said, "Lo, I'm with you always,
15:32 even to the end of the world."
15:33 And to me,
15:35 that's a very compelling argument,
15:37 that Jesus gave His disciples authority to teach
15:40 only what He taught.
15:41 And He didn't teach anything about Sunday.
15:44 Yes, He did rise on Sunday,
15:46 which was the first day of the week,
15:48 and then He went back to His work of ministry,
15:51 but He didn't teach anything about it.
15:54 So why would God change that day
16:00 way down the line from creation?
16:04 It just, you know, it really doesn't make sense
16:06 if you go back to the original creation.
16:09 It was an original day that He blessed
16:12 and sanctified and set apart for holy use.
16:16 In fact, in the Christian world,
16:19 they have no premise for keeping different day
16:22 than what God in the Bible has already told us
16:25 we should keep,
16:26 which is the seventh day of the week, Saturday.
16:29 We can say that the Muslims at least have some premise
16:32 because they have a book and in their book,
16:33 they're instructed to do this.
16:35 But if you want to look at the continuity of Scripture,
16:38 and of the sacred text,
16:41 that if God is the author of this book,
16:45 then, and He says in Psalms, He says,
16:47 "I'm the Lord, I change not."
16:49 God doesn't make mistakes,
16:51 He doesn't make a decision now
16:53 and then an hour later say,
16:55 "You know what, I made a mistake,
16:56 I shouldn't have made that decision.
16:58 I really messed up."
16:59 God doesn't do that.
17:01 He doesn't change His mind.
17:03 When He established the Sabbath,
17:05 it remains the same.
17:07 In New Testament Christ kept the Sabbath,
17:09 the apostles kept the Sabbath.
17:11 Paul in Acts Chapter 13 keeps the Sabbath
17:15 even with the Greeks,
17:18 the non-Jews, the Gentiles.
17:22 And even John in the last book of the Bible,
17:25 says that he was in the spirit on the Lord's Day,
17:27 which Jesus, in Mark Chapter 2 says that,
17:29 "I am the Lord of the Sabbath."
17:32 And we see that continuity throughout the Scripture.
17:35 And then when we come, in the seventh century,
17:37 when we come to Muhammad,
17:39 suddenly, different revelation is given,
17:42 and that continuity is broken, at least for the Muslims,
17:46 and which is pretty sad,
17:49 because there's a true blessing in keeping the Sabbath of God.
17:53 Now, in Islam, you've told me that
17:56 there's five major prophets, right?
17:58 There are other prophets,
17:59 but the major ones are Adam, right?
18:02 And then Abraham, and then Moses,
18:05 and then Jesus, and then Muhammad.
18:07 That's correct.
18:08 And we know that, you know, Adam was made on the sixth day,
18:12 God rested on the seventh day.
18:14 So Adam would be a Sabbath keeper,
18:16 because He made that day in the beginning for man.
18:20 Abraham, there's really not much information
18:21 about what day he kept.
18:24 And then when you get to Moses,
18:25 it's very clear in Moses' writings
18:29 in Genesis and in the Ten Commandments,
18:31 remember the seventh day, keep that day holy.
18:34 When you look at Jesus, clearly, in Matthew,
18:37 Mark, Luke, and John,
18:38 Jesus was a Sabbath keeper.
18:40 He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath in Luke 4:16,
18:44 He taught about the Sabbath, He said,
18:46 "Pray that your flight be not in winter,
18:47 or on the Sabbath," in Matthew 24:20.
18:51 He said the Sabbath was made for man in Mark 2:27.
18:54 And then when you get to Muhammad,
18:56 and you know, a revelation to keep Friday,
19:00 this would be out of sync
19:04 with the first four apparent
19:07 major prophets in Islam,
19:10 and it's kind of a disconnect, like, why would God do that?
19:14 Why would He establish one day at the beginning?
19:17 Why did He reemphasize it through Moses?
19:19 Why did Jesus keep it?
19:22 And then yet He would then give instruction
19:24 to Muhammad to change it?
19:26 Why invest all of that time and energy
19:29 in teaching something for centuries,
19:32 thousands of years,
19:34 to only change it in the seventh century
19:37 AD and replace it with another day?
19:40 And that's an argument that goes not just to the Muslims,
19:44 but even to Sunday keeping Christians.
19:47 That's right.
19:48 And here's another verse
19:50 in Exodus 31:18,
19:55 that describes when God gave the Ten Commandments.
19:59 31:18 says, "He gave to Moses,
20:02 when He had made an end of communing
20:03 with him upon Mount Sinai,
20:05 two tables of testimony,
20:06 tables of stone,
20:08 written with the finger of God."
20:11 And there's two things that make the Ten Commandments
20:13 unique of all other laws.
20:16 One is, they were written with the finger of God.
20:19 And they were written on stone, a solid rock.
20:22 And when you think of God's finger on rock,
20:25 I mean, the message is that
20:28 this is an unchangeable commandment.
20:31 It's on solid stone.
20:32 It's like, there's a phrase where people say,
20:35 we can change this or that
20:36 because it's not written in stone.
20:38 Yes.
20:39 And that goes back to Moses, and back to God,
20:41 back to the Ten Commandments.
20:44 So now we live in a time
20:45 where the majority of Muslims keep Friday,
20:50 the majority of Christians keep Sunday.
20:53 And a lot of the opposition to Saturday is really
20:56 because of opposition against Jews.
21:00 But when you peel away,
21:01 you know, the layers
21:03 and look at the real Bible Sabbath,
21:05 it's not a Jewish day at all.
21:08 No, it's not.
21:09 It's God's day, He calls it My Holy Day
21:13 in Isaiah 58:13.
21:15 He specifies that's the Sabbath day.
21:17 And Moses didn't come up with that on his own,
21:20 Aaron didn't come up with that on his own,
21:22 God gave them the Sabbath.
21:24 It was a special gift God gave to Adam,
21:27 and it just went hand in hand until Moses.
21:30 When Moses took the responsibility
21:32 of being the prophet and leading Israel from Egypt,
21:37 he inherited what was already revealed
21:40 in the Word of God to Adam,
21:43 and to other men before him, the patriarchs like Abraham.
21:46 Right.
21:47 Now, you shared with us a few programs ago,
21:51 your story, your journey, my journey to peace.
21:54 And there's a lot that I know about your background.
21:57 I don't know that much, but I know some,
22:00 more than what you've shared here.
22:01 And you've told me that you did have,
22:04 was it a dream or a vision,
22:06 specifically about the Sabbath?
22:08 Tell us a little more about that background?
22:10 Yeah.
22:11 At the time, I was actually attending a Sunday church.
22:15 And I didn't know anything about the Sabbath.
22:18 And there was a man, a literature evangelist,
22:23 who sold books that visited this particular
22:26 church one Sunday.
22:29 And at that time, I was seeking to find out what is truth,
22:32 I had just become a Christian.
22:35 That was maybe about six months
22:37 after I had met that man on the road
22:40 in a main street in Walnut Creek,
22:42 that young man who led me to Christ.
22:44 About six months later, sitting in this Sunday church,
22:47 because for a few months, I've been going there,
22:50 but I was not really learning much.
22:53 And I was seeking for truth.
22:56 And at one point, I asked the Lord, I said,
22:59 "Where am I supposed to go?
23:00 I just came out of Islam
23:02 and all these Christian churches,
23:04 I don't know where I'm supposed to go."
23:05 Yeah, confusing. It's confusing.
23:06 It's very confusing,
23:08 people looking for which is the right church.
23:09 It was confusing for me, extremely.
23:11 And then at that moment, this man came,
23:14 a couple of weeks later,
23:16 and he got my name and all that,
23:18 he came to my home
23:19 and he told me about the Sabbath.
23:21 And he was a Seventh-day Adventist.
23:24 And I said, "The Sabbath, what do you mean?"
23:27 And I said, "Wait a minute.
23:29 I used to keep Friday,
23:30 and now I'm keeping Sunday and you're telling me
23:33 I'm supposed to keep another day?"
23:35 But what he said made sense.
23:37 Like a ping pong ball.
23:38 Yeah, like a ping pong ball. Friday, Sunday.
23:41 Yeah, it was just amazing.
23:44 And I prayed about it, I said, "Lord, if this man is from You,
23:47 You make it clear because I'm brand new,
23:49 I don't even know."
23:50 And then at that point,
23:52 there was an evangelist that came to town,
23:53 we Bible studied and all that.
23:55 And I went to the Lord for a final time,
23:57 I said, " Lord,"
23:58 and I said, I prayed in my heart,
24:00 Satan cannot read our minds.
24:01 Only God can read our mind.
24:03 And I always pray in my heart, I don't pray out loud.
24:06 And I prayed in my heart, I said, "Father, show me.
24:11 If Saturday is Your day, please make it clear.
24:14 Give me a dream.
24:15 Show me my dream,
24:17 because I'm really confused at this point,
24:18 and I don't know what I'm supposed to do."
24:21 And He gave me a dream that night.
24:22 And in my dream, it was a Sabbath.
24:25 And it was brighter than any other day of the week.
24:28 You know how in the Quran says
24:29 that the sunrises brighter on Friday?
24:32 Well, in my dream, it was Saturday,
24:34 and it was bright,
24:36 brighter than any day of the week.
24:37 And I was led into this church, and in this church,
24:43 it was a Seventh-day Adventist Church.
24:45 And there I was shown the Bible.
24:47 And I was shown the writings of God
24:50 in the Bible and all that.
24:52 And it was revealed to me
24:54 in a very, very, very clear way.
24:58 Everything that's truth was in an instant given to me.
25:01 When I woke up, the only thing I didn't remember was that,
25:04 everything else I remember about a dream.
25:06 And God revealed to me in my dream
25:08 that the seventh day Sabbath is His Sabbath,
25:12 and that it is a day that He has made for men,
25:16 not for Himself, but He made it for us.
25:19 And we are supposed to keep it.
25:21 And when I woke up, I rejoiced,
25:22 because I promised Lord that if You show me
25:25 I will forever serve You.
25:26 And He showed me just like, really quickly,
25:28 just like this young man that I told you,
25:30 that I baptized, that he had a problem
25:32 about keeping coming to church.
25:34 When he had that dream.
25:36 In his dream, Jesus told him,
25:37 He said that, "You need to go to church.
25:39 The Sabbath is the most important day
25:41 of the week.
25:42 You need to be in church."
25:44 And that was a wonderful mighty experience.
25:47 So you keep the Sabbath today?
25:48 Yes, I do.
25:49 Not because you're Jewish, which you're not.
25:51 No, I'm not.
25:52 And you believe in Jesus,
25:54 but you don't keep Sunday as a holy day
25:56 because you don't see that in the New Testament?
25:58 Nowhere.
26:00 And you no longer, did you use to go to the mosque on Friday?
26:03 You did, you used to do that?
26:04 Yes, my parents.
26:07 And now you keep the seventh day Sabbath.
26:09 And you've lined up
26:14 with what the fourth commandment
26:17 really says.
26:19 And again, I think we should stress that,
26:21 as you've mentioned, in Islam,
26:23 there is a high regard for the writings of Moses,
26:29 and that they are considered to be pure.
26:31 And when we read the writings of Moses,
26:33 and look at Exodus Chapter 20,
26:36 we have commandment number four,
26:39 where God said,
26:40 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
26:45 Six days you shall labor and do all your work.
26:49 But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord."
26:52 It's not the Sabbath of the Jews.
26:53 "It's the Sabbath of the Lord, your God.
26:56 In it, you shall not do any work,
26:58 you or your son, or your daughter
26:59 or your manservant, nor your maidservant,
27:02 nor your cattle, nor your stranger
27:04 that is within your gates.
27:06 For in six days,
27:08 the Lord made heaven and earth,
27:12 the sea, and all that in them is."
27:15 Everything we see around us,
27:18 God made in six days.
27:19 And then He rested, not because He was tired,
27:21 but He was setting this day apart for man.
27:25 "He rested on the seventh day,
27:27 wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day,
27:30 and He hallowed it."
27:32 My birthday is April 5, I was born in 1959.
27:35 Every year, it's April 5, because you can't change it.
27:38 The Sabbath is the birthday of the world.
27:40 It's still there, it can't be changed.
27:43 And God tells us don't forget it.
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