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Program Code Duration Description Participants
GNFM000001S Video NA Islam Today NA
GNFM000002S Video NA Can Muslims Trust The Bible? NA
GNFM000003S Video NA Is Jesus for Muslims? NA
GNFM000004S Video NA The Truth About Sin NA
GNFM000005S Video NA The Ultimate Sacrifice NA
GNFM000006S Video NA Did Jesus Christ Really Rise from the Dead? NA
GNFM000007S Video NA My Journey to Peace NA
GNFM000008S Video NA Visions and Dreams NA
GNFM000009S Video NA The Father, Son, Holy Spirit Controversy NA
GNFM000010S Video Transcript NA Violence in the Quran NA
GNFM000011S Video Transcript NA Obeying God’S Requirements NA
GNFM000012S Video Transcript NA God’S Holy Day NA
GNFM000013S Video Transcript NA Identifying God’S Apocalyptic People NA


Updated 2024-05-27