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Identifying God’S Apocalyptic People

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00:01 As we look around this world, we see lots of problems
00:03 and there are Christians and Muslims alike who just know
00:06 that we are living in the final days
00:08 of human history.
00:09 Does God have a final end time apocalyptic people?
00:14 Yes, He does.
00:15 And we'll talk about that next on Good News for Muslims.
01:11 Welcome to the grand finale of a 13-part series
01:15 dealing with Islam and Christianity, the Bible,
01:17 the Quran, Muhammad and Jesus.
01:21 And this is it.
01:22 And today we're going to talk about
01:24 identifying God's apocalyptic end time people.
01:29 So, Shahbaz, are you ready for the last program?
01:31 I am.
01:32 And this is it.
01:34 Okay.
01:35 We look around the world today, and there's fires,
01:38 terrible fires, recently in California,
01:41 hurricanes, storms, floods, earthquakes,
01:45 violence, sexual confusion,
01:49 and sexual excess, gender confusion.
01:53 You know, the list just goes on and on,
01:55 environmental decay, emotional rage,
01:59 divisions in society, families are being torn apart.
02:02 There's just so much going on.
02:04 And there's so many of us,
02:05 that is we look around and we see all these things,
02:07 we just, we have this sense,
02:09 that time is running out.
02:11 And these are the final days of earth's history
02:14 before the end of the world, whatever,
02:16 you know, that means to different peoples.
02:18 The Bible certainly does talk about
02:20 the end of the world.
02:22 So why don't you give us just a quick overview,
02:25 a recap of how Muslims,
02:30 you know, what they think of
02:32 when they think of the end times?
02:33 What is the Islamic view of the last days?
02:37 Generally, the Quran or the apocalyptic view
02:43 of the last days is not even in the Quran.
02:46 The Quran doesn't say anything about it.
02:48 Nothing? It's silent, completely silent.
02:50 There is no prophecies about
02:52 what's going to happen in the last days.
02:54 Only in the Hadith you find these.
02:55 And almost all the Hadith agree on this one scenario
03:01 of how the end time apocalyptic events
03:04 will shape and take place,
03:06 and I'm just going to go quickly through them
03:09 and share that with the viewers.
03:10 Okay.
03:12 In the Hadith, it mentions that in the last days...
03:16 And when you say the Hadith,
03:17 are you referring to
03:19 just a general body of literature?
03:21 Are there individual Hadith?
03:23 There are several Hadiths,
03:25 even the Sunnis have their own
03:27 and then the Shias have their own
03:29 and there are several Hadith
03:31 within these bodies as well.
03:35 And typically, they try not to contradict each other.
03:40 So there are Hadiths written by several individuals,
03:44 even about as far as 1,200 years ago,
03:49 and we have Hadith that are more recent.
03:52 And so, it all depends.
03:54 But they agree upon this one scenario
03:57 that how the end time events will take place.
04:01 And they believe that at the end, Mahdi,
04:04 who is, Mahdi is actually
04:09 the messianic figure in Islam.
04:12 And how do you say it?
04:15 Mahdi.
04:16 Mahdi And Mahdi, he disappeared at a very young age.
04:21 And Muslims can't tell you where he went,
04:24 they believe that he's with God in heaven,
04:27 and that he will come at the end as judge.
04:31 He will come as judge and when he appears,
04:35 it's the end of the world as we know it.
04:38 And Jesus will come with him,
04:40 but Jesus will be second in rank.
04:45 Jesus will serve Mahdi and his purpose.
04:48 So they believe that Jesus will descend in Damascus
04:51 when He comes.
04:52 He will literally actually land there
04:55 in that location.
04:57 Is that where Mahdi comes, goes too?
04:58 Yes, and they will come there,
05:00 and it also says that Mahdi will judge the world,
05:05 he will be the one that has the preeminence,
05:07 he will judge the world.
05:09 Jesus will serve Mahdi and do his bidding,
05:12 Jesus will, by a breath killed dajjal.
05:15 Dajjal is the Islamic Antichrist.
05:18 With a breath, He will kill him.
05:20 And we do not know exactly who Dajjal is,
05:25 his identity is a mystery.
05:28 Jesus will kill 70,000 Jews only.
05:33 And I'm not sure why that number,
05:36 even the Islamic scholars can't explain why the 70,000.
05:42 Jesus will also destroy all pigs,
05:44 all swine on earth will be killed,
05:46 there won't be one left.
05:49 For some reason, Allah made the swine,
05:54 but then I guess He has changed His mind
05:56 and then they will be wiped out.
05:58 And Jesus will break all the crosses on earth.
06:04 And as a result of all these actions,
06:06 the people of the world at that time
06:09 will all accept Islam as the only true religion.
06:14 And this is at the end of the world,
06:15 the wicked will be destroyed,
06:17 and they will go into everlasting fire,
06:20 and everybody that is saved
06:22 will have a chance at that time,
06:23 many people will have a second chance at that time,
06:25 they will accept Islam,
06:27 and they will live
06:32 on this earth.
06:33 And then it says that
06:35 Jesus will live for only 40 years,
06:38 and He will get married during that time,
06:40 He will have children,
06:41 and finally He will die and be buried in Medina.
06:45 That's the end of Christ.
06:47 Now what happens to Him after that,
06:49 I don't know if He goes to heaven or not,
06:51 it's silent.
06:52 But that is a picture of the apocalypse
06:56 according to the Hadith in Islamic tradition.
07:01 What percentage of Muslims today do you think
07:04 understand that basic scenario?
07:06 Almost all of them. Really?
07:08 It's pretty much accepted in across as that.
07:10 And that's in different branches
07:12 and east, west, it's the same?
07:13 Yeah.
07:15 And in this view,
07:16 is there a final group of Muslims
07:18 at the very end that are,
07:20 you know, kind of like a remnant
07:21 or faithful group?
07:23 It will be the ones that do the will of Allah,
07:26 follow the will of Allah,
07:28 and they fulfill the five pillars,
07:32 and they obey the Sharia law.
07:36 Especially those who have died in the cause of Allah,
07:40 or killed themselves in the cause of Allah,
07:42 they will for sure be part of the saved
07:45 and they will have 70 virgins.
07:49 Well, let's take a look at the Book of Revelation.
07:51 Okay.
07:53 You've described the Hadith view
07:56 of the end times.
07:58 And let's take a look at just briefly,
08:00 I mean, there's so much to cover.
08:02 But let's just focus on a few of the highlights
08:05 of what the Book of Revelation says,
08:07 which is a very different view.
08:08 Yes.
08:10 Revelation, I mean, I've never heard
08:11 really what you've just shared.
08:13 And I've been reading my Bible for almost 40 years
08:17 and I give seminars on the Book of Revelation.
08:18 I've written books on the Book of Revelation.
08:21 White Horse Media teaches
08:23 all kinds of programs on Revelation,
08:26 and that scenario is something I've never really heard
08:31 and I haven't read it here, that's for sure.
08:33 Now, Revelation 12:17
08:37 is definitely an apocalyptic verse,
08:40 which says that "The dragon," which represents the devil,
08:44 "The dragon was angry with the woman,"
08:47 which the woman represents God's people.
08:49 "And he went to make war with the remnant."
08:52 The remnant is the final little bit,
08:55 the final group, "Remnant of her seed,
08:58 which," and then their characteristics are,
09:00 "they keep the commandments of God,
09:03 and they have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
09:06 So this verse describes where the battle lines are,
09:09 that the devil is making war
09:12 on a final remnant group of followers of Jesus,
09:18 who are commandment keepers.
09:20 And as we've gone over the Ten Commandments
09:23 in the last couple of programs,
09:25 and we talked about the seventh day Sabbath,
09:29 Revelation pinpoints a final remnant
09:32 who are doing that.
09:34 They're keeping God's law
09:37 and they're following Jesus Christ
09:38 and the battle is on concerning these people,
09:43 the rage of the devil.
09:45 And, you know, if any of us were to take a stand,
09:49 or if we do take a stand for Jesus,
09:52 and for all the Ten Commandments,
09:53 we want to put God first.
09:55 No idols, don't take His name in vain,
09:57 keep the seventh day Sabbath holy,
09:59 honor our parents, don't murder, don't hate,
10:03 don't commit adultery, we're sexually pure,
10:06 we don't steal, we don't lie, we don't covet,
10:09 we love God with all of our hearts,
10:11 and we love our neighbor as ourselves.
10:13 I mean, that is a declaration of war
10:17 to the devil.
10:19 The devil, he hates those kind of people,
10:22 because he's a commandment breaker.
10:24 He was the first commandment breaker.
10:26 And he hates Jesus.
10:28 He hates Jesus.
10:30 Now, let's go to Revelation 14, because Chapter 14.
10:33 And we don't obviously have time
10:35 to go into all these details,
10:36 but we'll just introduce this topic.
10:39 Revelation 14:6-12
10:42 describes three angels flying in the sky.
10:46 And these angels are symbolic of people
10:50 of this remnant people,
10:53 who give these messages to the world.
10:57 The first angel in verse 6,
10:59 "I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
11:01 having the everlasting gospel,"
11:03 which is the good news of Jesus,
11:05 that Jesus was born of a virgin
11:10 by the Holy Spirit,
11:12 He grew up, He lived a holy life,
11:14 He never sinned, no violence,
11:16 showed the infinite love of God to all people,
11:20 to Jews, and Samaritans, and Romans,
11:23 and tax collectors, and the poor,
11:25 and the rich, everybody.
11:28 And then at the end of His life,
11:30 He made the big decision
11:32 to take the sin of humanity upon Himself
11:35 in fulfillment of Isaiah 53,
11:37 that prophecy that the Lord would lay on Him
11:40 the sin of us all.
11:41 And then He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane,
11:43 He went through a whole series of trials,
11:45 He was beaten, He was whipped,
11:46 He was crowned with a crown of thorns,
11:48 and finally, He was lifted up on a cross.
11:51 And as we talked about this,
11:53 the evidence from Scripture is that He really did die.
11:56 He said, "It is finished," and He died.
11:59 And He was buried in that dark tomb.
12:01 And all the evidence on the eyewitness accounts
12:04 is that He really did rise from the dead,
12:06 and went to heaven.
12:08 And that's the good news, the good news for all of us.
12:11 Good news for Muslims, good news for Christians,
12:14 good news for atheists, good news for agnostics,
12:17 and everybody else.
12:18 And anyway, "The first angel has the gospel
12:21 to preach to those who dwell upon the earth,
12:23 to every nation, kindred, tongue,
12:24 and people all around the world."
12:26 And then in verse 7, he announces
12:28 that we're living in a judgment time.
12:30 "Fear God give glory to Him,
12:32 for the hour of His judgment has come."
12:34 And then He calls upon us to worship Him
12:36 that made heaven and earth and the sea,
12:38 and the fountains of waters,
12:39 which is a call to worship the Creator,
12:43 which ultimately is a call to keep the Sabbath.
12:46 As we talked about the fourth commandment,
12:49 in six days, the Lord made heaven and earth,
12:51 the sea and everything in it,
12:52 and He rested on the seventh day.
12:54 So there's a call to accept the gospel,
12:56 call to realize when a judgement time,
12:59 and a call to keep the Sabbath.
13:01 And then the second angel in verse 8
13:03 warns about Babylon falling.
13:06 "Babylon is fallen, is fallen,
13:08 because she made all the nations
13:09 drink the wine of the wrath of her fornication."
13:11 There's global deception all around the world,
13:15 this mysterious apostate organization
13:20 called Babylon.
13:22 And then in verses 9 to 11,
13:24 there's a warning about the beast
13:26 and his image and getting his mark,
13:28 the mark of the beast,
13:30 which is the final apocalyptic test
13:31 at the end of time,
13:33 where everybody has to make a decision,
13:34 whose side are we on?
13:36 And then there's a warning of judgment
13:37 that comes upon those
13:39 who get the mark in verse 10, and 11.
13:42 And then verse 12, says,
13:43 "Here's the patience of the saints,
13:45 here are they that keep the commandments of God
13:48 and the faith of Jesus,"
13:50 which is the same people
13:52 that are described in Revelation 12:17.
13:55 Amen. The remnant people.
13:57 That's right.
13:58 So the remnant is described at the end of Chapter 12.
14:00 And in Chapter 14,
14:02 we have the same people giving these messages
14:05 all over the world.
14:07 Amazing.
14:08 And, Shahbaz, if you really look at the landscape
14:12 of the world's religions,
14:14 how many movements are there in this world
14:19 that are keeping all 10 of the commandments,
14:22 including the Sabbath,
14:23 and that are teaching from the Bible,
14:28 from Revelation,
14:29 these three angels' messages to every nation,
14:32 tribe, tongue and people all over the world?
14:35 How many are doing that?
14:37 None, except the Seventh-day Adventist.
14:41 You're sure? I am positive.
14:43 I am positive for more than 30 years
14:45 I've studied it.
14:47 And all I know is the Adventists are doing it.
14:49 So you were part of Islam.
14:51 You grew up in Iran.
14:53 And God worked in your life as you've told your story.
14:57 And you made a decision to try Jesus.
15:01 That's right.
15:02 And He came in and He changed your life,
15:03 and He gave you peace,
15:05 and He showed you the power of His Word?
15:06 Yes, He did.
15:08 And then He gave you a dream
15:09 that the Seventh-day Adventist Church...
15:12 Did He give you a dream that the Sabbath was the right day,
15:15 or that the Seventh-day Adventist Church
15:16 was the right movement or both?
15:18 Both.
15:20 I was shown the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
15:22 and also the importance of the Sabbath was shown to me.
15:26 Both are essential.
15:28 And this came in a dream or a vision or both?
15:30 In a dream. This was a dream, actually.
15:33 One dream or more than one dream?
15:34 One dream that I had asked for.
15:36 And God gave me that dream.
15:37 And you're sure that it was the Seventh-day Adventist Church?
15:41 Absolutely.
15:43 I even saw the name of the church,
15:45 Seventh-day Adventist.
15:47 And it was exactly the church
15:52 that I was baptized in my dream
15:55 that I saw and it was amazing.
15:58 And that day was brighter.
16:01 It was the Sabbath,
16:03 and it was brighter than any other day of the week.
16:05 And the brightness was in this just like the overwhelming
16:08 light of the sun.
16:10 There was a hallowed brightness upon the day
16:14 that I understood that this is a special day.
16:18 And there are no other days like it.
16:21 Yeah, there was many years ago, I was searching,
16:25 I visited a Baptist Church, I visited a Methodist Church,
16:28 I went to some churches in my area.
16:32 And then as I began to search,
16:34 one day I turned on the television set,
16:36 and I saw a minister whose name was George Vandeman,
16:39 with a TV program called It Is Written,
16:41 and he was standing there with an open Bible.
16:43 And he smiled at me,
16:45 and he started talking about the Seventh-day Sabbath.
16:48 And I was gripped by his talk.
16:50 And then he held up
16:51 a little book called The Day to Remember.
16:53 And he looked right at me and he said,
16:54 "Call me up friend, and I'll send you
16:56 a free copy of this book."
16:57 And then there was an 800 number
16:58 that came on the screen, and I felt this impression,
17:00 go to the phone, call that man.
17:02 I called him or called one of the people
17:04 that answered the phone.
17:06 And within a short time,
17:07 that book came into our mailbox in Studio City, California.
17:10 I read that book, was convicted about the Ten Commandments.
17:13 And then at the end of the book, it said,
17:15 "Come visit a Seventh-day Adventist Church some time
17:17 and say hello."
17:18 So I actually found an Adventist
17:20 in a health food store, and he brought me to church.
17:23 And then, you know,
17:25 I've been going there for almost 40 years.
17:27 And the reason is because I see it in the Bible.
17:30 And God led me just like He led you.
17:31 He didn't give me a dream or vision,
17:33 but He showed me in His word,
17:36 that He does have an apocalyptic end time people.
17:39 They're not a perfect people,
17:41 you know, all of us make mistakes.
17:43 But there are people that are fulfilling the prophecy.
17:47 The prophecy of a commandment keeping end time people
17:52 calling people out of Babylon,
17:54 warning about the beast and the mark,
17:56 and calling people to keep the commandments of God
17:59 and the faith of Jesus.
18:01 Amen.
18:02 And this happens right before verse 14,
18:04 which says, "After the three angels,"
18:06 it says, "I looked and behold,
18:08 a white cloud.
18:09 And upon the cloud, one sat like the Son of Man,
18:12 having on its head, a golden crown,
18:13 and in His hand, a sharp sickle."
18:16 And this is a picture of the glorious
18:19 Second Coming of Jesus Christ,
18:20 the same one who lived, who suffered, who died,
18:24 who rose, who went up and who's coming back.
18:27 And He has the preeminence.
18:28 In Islam, you know,
18:30 they do believe He's coming back.
18:31 But as you said, He's going to be a servant.
18:33 That's right. But not in this book.
18:34 No. He's not a servant.
18:36 He's coming back as the judge, as the King of kings,
18:39 as the Lord of lords,
18:40 with the sharp sickle to reap the final harvest
18:43 and to separate the world into two groups,
18:47 those who are following Him, and those who aren't.
18:49 Amen.
18:51 Tell us about some of your experiences in Turkey?
18:53 You've shared some of that with me,
18:55 and I think it's worth sharing now.
18:56 Yes, I would love to do that.
18:58 Then I would love for my friends, whoever they are,
19:01 that are watching this program right now
19:02 or listening, that they will take courage
19:07 with the stories I'm about to share,
19:08 because when I served in Turkey,
19:14 I had the privilege of working there for a while
19:18 and the day that I arrived there when I was serving,
19:23 several Muslim families had requested to meet with me
19:27 because they had heard that I'm coming.
19:29 And so we went to this location that we met.
19:33 There were at least four people.
19:36 There were three men and one lady
19:38 that came to meet with me
19:40 and they basically looked at me in the eye and they said,
19:42 "Look, we represent
19:46 several Afghan clans,"
19:49 basically an Afghan system works on clan system
19:52 and families or clans and all that.
19:54 And he said that,
19:56 "We have been searching scriptures
20:00 and talk to Christians.
20:02 But we want to know, you, Adventists,
20:06 if you drink alcohol, if you eat pork,
20:10 if you're not faithful to the things you are teaching,
20:13 we're not going to even look back.
20:16 We're just leaving.
20:17 You have to promise us
20:19 that it's not going to be like that."
20:21 And I said, "Look, you're in the right place.
20:24 We do not drink alcohol, we are against it,
20:26 we teach against that, we do not even smoke,
20:30 in our church, we are against smoking."
20:32 No pork, no drinking? No pork, none of that.
20:35 And after that,
20:37 these beautiful people were in church every Sabbath.
20:41 And we had Bible studies with them.
20:43 And I studied with all of them in their homes and in church,
20:47 and they came faithfully.
20:49 And I had the privilege of baptizing 17 of them
20:52 in my bathtub.
20:54 In your house? In my home.
20:56 In Turkey? That I was renting.
21:00 How did they get in the bathtub?
21:02 Not all at the same time.
21:03 One by one. One by one.
21:05 It was a long process. How many people were there?
21:07 Well, we had maybe 30 people in there.
21:09 They were crowded into the bathroom?
21:11 As much as they could.
21:14 And one by one, I baptized them
21:16 and it was the most blessed top moment of my life.
21:22 And these people pay the price.
21:28 Three of these men that were the patriarchs
21:30 of these families,
21:32 they went to a gathering of 600 Muslim Afghans.
21:37 And there, they accused them that,
21:40 "You are going to Christian church,
21:42 you are apostates," and all that.
21:45 And they stood firmly for their faith
21:48 and they boldly witnessed for Christ to these people.
21:52 Not one person approached them,
21:54 not one person laid hands on them.
21:57 And they said after we finished talking,
21:59 we walked away as we walked away,
22:01 the crowd was around us.
22:02 And as we walked away, the crowd just pushed back.
22:05 And there was this opening, like the Red Sea,
22:09 when God opened the Red Sea,
22:11 they could just walk right through these people,
22:12 not a single person was able to touch them.
22:15 One of their men, their wife, later on,
22:18 some weeks later was attacked in the street.
22:21 But she came faithfully to church with swollen eye,
22:23 and blue and purple, and she just praised God.
22:27 She said, "See, brother, we are in danger.
22:30 But that's okay, we're going to keep pushing forward,
22:32 we're going to keep coming."
22:34 And I want to, if it's okay,
22:37 make a plea with the viewers.
22:38 And I want to say, brother, sister, whoever you are,
22:41 wherever you are, I don't know
22:43 where you are watching this program right now.
22:45 I didn't become a Christian
22:48 simply because there was something in it for me,
22:52 I became a Christian because God told me
22:54 this is the way of life.
22:56 And I was seeking to find life,
22:59 and I was seeking to find truth.
23:02 And I found it in Christ Jesus, my Lord.
23:04 He is my Lord. He's my Savior.
23:06 He has given me salvation, I have salvation in Him.
23:11 Now, I want to plead with you.
23:12 I know some of you are probably where I was,
23:15 when I was first searching and seeking.
23:17 Some of you may have never even thought
23:19 about what we have told you in these programs.
23:22 And this may be a spark in your life.
23:24 And some of you may right now
23:27 be experiencing persecution.
23:31 But I want to encourage you wherever you are,
23:33 no matter what your experience is,
23:34 Christ is your shield.
23:36 Jesus is your salvation.
23:38 He has promised that He will never leave you,
23:40 He will never forsake you.
23:42 He has promised that He will guide you,
23:44 that He will lead you with His own eyes,
23:46 He will lead you.
23:47 And He will give you life, He will give you life eternal.
23:50 One day you will see Him, you will see His face
23:53 and all your sufferings would have been worth it all.
23:56 And you will say, "Heaven is cheap enough
23:58 that I could be in heaven
24:00 because of what Jesus has done for me."
24:02 I want to encourage you that you can take courage,
24:05 and God will save you, God will give you grace,
24:08 and He will, through you, save your family,
24:11 save your friends, your loved ones.
24:14 And He will do mighty work with you.
24:16 He loves you.
24:17 You're more precious to Him than the entire universe.
24:22 He knows you by name
24:23 and He has etched your name on the palm of His hand.
24:26 And today, He wants to bring you into a nearer
24:30 and deeper relationship with Himself,
24:32 and He will give you peace.
24:34 No man can take that peace from you.
24:36 God bless you, whoever you are.
24:37 And I will be praying for you.
24:39 I don't know you, myself and Pastor Steve,
24:42 we will be praying for you throughout the coming days.
24:46 And we also want you to know that
24:48 there are resources available if you want to learn more,
24:52 Shahbaz's book, Two Sacrifices,
24:55 one Destiny, tells his story.
24:57 You can get this from White Horse Media.
24:59 And we also are preparing a list of resources
25:03 of Bible guides,
25:04 Bible studies that have been prepared just for you.
25:07 These are available for Muslims.
25:10 And they're in English and different languages,
25:13 Arabic, Farsi and Turkish.
25:15 So if you just contact White Horse Media
25:17 and ask for a list of resources,
25:18 we'll give this to you for free
25:20 and point you in different directions
25:21 of where to find this material.
25:23 And so this will be a step in a journey,
25:27 and we haven't arrived yet.
25:30 We're not at the end of the journey,
25:32 but we're on the road.
25:34 And we've learned, you've learned,
25:36 and I've learned, your background
25:37 is very different than mine.
25:39 But we come together, and we've learned the power,
25:43 the power of this book.
25:44 Amen.
25:46 The power of the Book of Revelation,
25:47 the power of the Word of God and the power of Jesus.
25:50 That Jesus Christ is powerful, and the power of God's love.
25:54 We've learned about love, and as we read our Bibles,
25:58 Revelation talks about a final people
26:00 who keep the commandments of God
26:02 and have the faith of Jesus.
26:03 And as we've looked at in past programs,
26:06 God's Ten Commandment law is summarized in love.
26:10 Love to God and love to our neighbor as ourselves.
26:14 And it's really, you know,
26:15 what God is looking for is for final people,
26:19 to reveal His love through.
26:23 The love of God that is expressed
26:25 in the most incomprehensible event
26:28 where Jesus came down from heaven,
26:32 and was willing to be lifted up on a cross.
26:36 On a cruel, wicked, Roman, splintery cross,
26:40 for you and for me,
26:42 and there's really nothing like it.
26:44 There's no other religion.
26:45 There's no other story that compares.
26:48 The Bible's the world's bestselling book,
26:50 Jesus is the world's most famous person,
26:52 the resurrection is the most well documented event
26:55 of all of history, and Jesus appeals,
26:58 He appeals to you, and He appeals to me.
27:01 In Revelation 3:20, Jesus said,
27:03 "Behold, I stand at the door and knock.
27:05 If any man hear My voice, and open the door,
27:09 I will come into him,
27:11 and I will sup with him and he with Me."
27:13 Jesus invites us to open the door of our hearts
27:16 and let Him come in.
27:18 And Shahbaz and I can testify that if you give Him a try,
27:22 if you open your heart and say, "Jesus,
27:24 I need You to come into my life,"
27:26 you will never be sorry.
27:27 He will come and He'll give you power
27:29 and love and forgiveness
27:31 and strength and grace and everything you need,
27:35 and you will live forever
27:36 and ever and ever with Him in a brand new world.
27:40 You'll never be sorry if you make that choice.
27:45 We hope you enjoyed watching Good News for Muslims
27:48 with Steve Wohlberg and Shahbaz.
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