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Les Miserables

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00:25 When I wake up
00:30 Early in the morning
00:34 As I watch the bright sunrise
00:45 I thank you Jesus for the vision
00:54 the sight you given to me
00:58 in my eyes
01:02 Ohhhhh, In the morning when I rise
01:09 When I rise, In the morning when I rise
01:14 I thank God
01:18 That I am alive
01:26 Ohhhhhh
01:33 I can hear the sweet song of a bird
01:41 As they sing a new melody in my ear
01:50 Ohhhhhh, I can taste the beauty of your love
01:59 all these blessings
02:05 they come from above
02:10 Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhh In the morning when I rise
02:17 When I rise In the morning when I rise
02:23 I thank God
02:26 That I am alive.
02:34 Ohhhhhh
02:38 Lord as I move my feet and my hands
02:49 I'm so amazed that I'm alive once again.
02:59 another new day that you have given to me
03:08 Your grace and Your mercy Lord have made me free.
03:20 And much to my surprise
03:25 I thank you God that I am alive.
03:34 yes, when I arise when I arise
03:39 when I rise, when I rise In the morning when I rise
03:46 when I arise I thank you Jesus
03:52 I thank you Daddy that I am alive.
04:00 Yes! In the morning when I rise
04:06 Your my strong tower,
04:08 My Deliver, my Healer,
04:14 my Conqueror
04:16 When I rise,
04:24 You are my friend my Prince of Peace,
04:30 my King of Kings, my Lord of Lords,
04:34 Yes, yes, yes,
04:39 Yes when I rise, I thank you Jesus
04:57 It thank you Daddy, that I am alive
05:04 Ohhhhhh, yeah, yeah, yeah
05:09 yeah, yeah, yeah, I thank you Jesus
05:18 That I'm alive
05:27 yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
05:34 I thank you today Jesus that you took the time
05:38 to look upon me and have mercy
05:41 That Your finger of love that you kissed and touched me
05:45 To allow me to live one more day
05:49 in the name of Jesus
05:52 in the morning, in the noonday, in the night time
05:58 In the morning, I thank you Jesus, that I'm alive.
06:12 Halleluiah!
06:15 Amen and Amen!
06:20 Tonight's title subject is Les Miserables
06:27 And we want you to remember that on tomorrow evening we take a
06:33 little break to rest and we are back on Tuesday
06:37 and the title or message is Soul Man, on Tuesday evening
06:42 so you will want to be back with us for that.
06:44 Tonight is Les Miserables
06:45 Turn with me if you will to 1 Corinthians 15,
06:50 what book did I say?
06:51 1 Corinthians 15, we will give you a moment to find it
06:54 and then we will pray and then we will launch out into
06:57 our subject for this evening.
06:58 1 Corinthians 15, you are turning with me to it, having
07:03 found it let's bow our heads as we ask God's blessing
07:08 upon our meeting tonight.
07:09 Father God, we thank you once again for the power
07:13 of Your word.
07:15 We thank you for the power of the word of God
07:19 that it is alive and a quickens us and
07:22 that it is sharper than any two edged sword
07:25 we thank you that there is living powering in your word.
07:29 Help us Lord to hear Your word and to do Your word,
07:35 for time is running short and we want to be ready when Jesus
07:39 comes, forgive us for every sin,
07:42 take hold of our hands even this day and walk us in
07:47 the path of righteousness.
07:49 We asked these things and thank you blessed Father,
07:53 in Jesus name, Amen!
07:59 I tend to like to spend some time at old bookstores
08:05 and rummage sales.
08:07 I found years ago, in fact forty years ago I was just child
08:11 and I found at a church rummage sale a violin that
08:15 was made in Germany in 1898 and I picked it up for two dollars
08:25 in 1961 and I had it appraised some years ago
08:30 and I think the price had on up then about six or seven
08:34 hundred dollars, and the fellow as to just hold onto that violin
08:38 because once it passes the hundred year mark the price
08:42 will go up again.
08:43 Maybe by the time it's done it may be worth 1800 or
08:46 2000 dollars, which I thought was not a bad investment
08:49 on a two dollar violin that I got one of his 8 or 10
08:52 years of age.
08:53 But I also like old books and I have a number of old books,
08:57 I don't know if they are worth anything.
08:59 I never had them appraised, it just tend to like old
09:02 books and one of the old books I have in my library is
09:06 an edition of the book, Les Miserables from the 1800's.
09:11 The book was originally written by Victor Hugo in 1862.
09:16 I remember being in high school and we had to read it
09:21 and study it.
09:22 It is a novel and I don't really promote reading of novels,
09:28 but it is a classic and it has a very
09:32 interesting premise.
09:34 What is interesting about Les Miserables that since the age of
09:40 film, since movies have been made in the last century there
09:46 has not been a period when either a film
09:52 was being made about this book or a film was actually
09:57 been shown about this book.
09:58 This is the one book that has been translated into film more
10:04 than any other modern work or classic work.
10:07 It is an extremely popular work of fiction.
10:11 There are those who have studied Lay Mis and have come away
10:17 with the idea that there are certain hidden
10:21 Christian messages to be found in this book.
10:25 And it was not unusual for secular writers oft times
10:29 back in1800's and 1900's to interlace with their novels
10:34 certain Christian messages.
10:35 Tolstory did it Tolkin rather did it.
10:39 There are a number of authors, C. S. Lewis did it.
10:43 Who often interwove Christian messages into what were
10:48 ostensibly secular books to try to get the Christian message
10:51 into the wider population.
10:52 There are those that believe Les Miserables is one of those.
10:57 The story begins and deals with a life of a man by the name of
11:02 Jean Valijean.
11:04 At the opening of the book we find him in prison.
11:07 He is in prison for stealing food.
11:11 He was hungry, he was starving and passed by this cart
11:16 of food every day and one day when his stomach was empty,
11:20 and he was faint from hunger, he stole a small amount of food
11:25 and he was put in prison.
11:27 There he spent 19 years at hard labor.
11:32 His prison guard was a man by the name of Javert.
11:38 Later he became inspector Javert.
11:43 Javert is a mean-spirited person who believes in law
11:51 and no grace.
11:53 He is possessed of a belief that people are either basically
11:59 good, or basically bad, and they do not change.
12:03 This is the one thing that drives his life,
12:07 people are good, people are bad, but the bad do not
12:12 become good, and the good do not become bad.
12:15 You are what you are and you do not change.
12:20 He cannot believe that Jean Valijean can change.
12:27 As a boy he is arrested for stealing food,
12:31 he serves 19 years in prison.
12:33 When Valijean comes out of prison he steals one more
12:38 time, he actually steals from a priest.
12:40 But that act and meeting that priest actually changed
12:44 his life, his life changes at that moment.
12:48 He goes to work in a factory, ends up buying that
12:54 factory, changing the work rules in that factory,
12:59 and making it a model place to work.
13:03 He does so well at running this factory that they make
13:09 him the Mayor of this small town.
13:12 So he is a good businessman, he is a good Mayor,
13:16 he is a good neighbor, he is basically showing that
13:21 he is a good person.
13:22 Later on he adopts the child of a dying person who use
13:28 to work in his factory.
13:30 He raises her as his own.
13:32 He begins to show that even if at one time he was a bad person
13:38 that he is now a good person, a converted person,
13:42 a hard-working concerned citizen of high moral character who
13:49 made a mistake as a child.
13:51 But Inspector Javert cannot accept that.
13:56 In his mind once a thief, always a thief,
14:01 born a thief, die a thief.
14:05 One evil act in Javert's mind condemns you for life.
14:11 So Javert spends his entire life tracking down, looking for,
14:19 and hounding the life of Jean Valijean from town
14:24 to town, from city to city.
14:26 He moves to Paris, decade after decade he is possessed
14:31 by this blind intractable determination that regardless
14:37 of how much good Valijean does, he is basically an evil person
14:43 and should be punished.
14:45 It is the center and circumference of his life.
14:49 His whole life is spent tracking down this one man who
14:54 got away and in the end he does indeed catch Valijean.
15:00 Just before he catches Valijean, Valijean actually
15:05 saves Javert's life.
15:08 But even having his life saved by his enemy does not convince
15:13 him, so he catches him.
15:15 There with gun to Valijean's head, at that same instant
15:22 he is forced to the realization the fact that his entire life
15:29 has been wrong.
15:31 That his twisted sense of justice has condemned him
15:36 to a life of unforgiveness.
15:38 I want you to hold on to that point.
15:40 He cannot accept grace, he cannot accept forgiveness,
15:45 all he knows is crime and punishment.
15:50 And he has spent his entire adult life tracking down
15:57 one man and at the point of capture he now realizes
16:03 that his greatest success is also his greatest failure.
16:10 He ends up taking his own life there before Valijean
16:17 and sets Valijean free.
16:21 The side issue that is never stated, but constantly implied
16:29 is that if you cannot forgive, you sentence yourself to prison.
16:38 That the owner of an unforgiving heart is really
16:44 the one imprisoned.
16:46 If you cannot let go of wrongs done you,
16:51 you are the one who will suffer.
16:55 That unforgiveness is its own punishment,
17:03 for the person that has wronged has gone on and lived
17:07 their life and you sit there, in prison, not forgiving.
17:12 Years ago at the motor vehicle department and I was standing
17:17 there, actually was the insurance agency getting ready
17:21 to get some insurance cards for car that I had gotten.
17:23 A fellow came in with a little boy on his shoulder.
17:26 As he walked in he was just upset and
17:29 screaming and hollering.
17:30 He was just upset and he was saying how his wife had
17:34 left him for another man, and how she got the car,
17:37 she got the home, and all I had was this little raggedy car
17:40 that he was now driving and trying to insure.
17:42 How if he ever saw them again he was going to just
17:44 do awful things to her, and awful things to him.
17:47 How he could not forgive her and his face was beat red with
17:50 anger with this little boy sitting his shoulder.
17:52 The Lord said to me you need to say something to this
17:56 guy, and I said to the Lord, no I don't.
17:59 And the Lord said yes you do, you have to say something.
18:01 He was so loud that he was making everybody
18:04 uncomfortable in the place.
18:06 Everybody can hear him how I just hate my wife and I
18:08 have this raggedy awful car and she's got the house,
18:10 she's got this, and a little boy sitting upon his shoulder
18:13 and God said C. A. you need to say something.
18:15 I said, no I don't.
18:20 But after a while I summoned up the courage up and I
18:23 said to him, how long are you going to be imprisoned?
18:26 He said what?
18:29 I said how long are you going to be imprisoned?
18:32 You say your wife has gone with someone else and that
18:36 she has the house, she's got the car, and you will
18:39 never forgive her and you are plotting to do them harm.
18:42 You have a son there on your shoulder, you have to get
18:45 out of prison, you have to free yourself.
18:49 Your wife is gone on and lived her life and your
18:52 response to that is to put yourself in jail.
18:56 You have to get free, you have to forgive her to free
19:01 yourself, and he listened.
19:03 I asked him his name and I said, I will pray for you
19:07 man that God puts the key to your own jail cell into
19:10 your hand and you get yourself free.
19:13 That is the burden of the entire novel, Les Miserables.
19:19 That is the person who fails to forgive,
19:21 puts himself in jail.
19:24 It occurs to me that we are most like God when we do
19:29 the thing, that I suspect God does the most,
19:31 and that's forgive.
19:34 We humans, particularly Christians, being what we are,
19:38 we really have to go to God a lot for forgiveness,
19:43 don't we?
19:44 If there's anything that we really have to go to God
19:48 a lot for, it is forgiveness.
19:51 So let's go now to 1 Corinthians 15:19,
19:58 let's read the word of God.
20:08 Or miserable the word of God says.
20:11 I am so glad that when we come to God, we serve a God
20:18 who is ready, willing, and able to forgive.
20:23 How many here have ever done anything that you've had
20:30 to ask forgiveness for?
20:34 You see if you don't raise your hand, you have to
20:36 ask forgiveness for that because you are not
20:37 telling the truth.
20:43 We have all had to ask God for forgiveness.
20:45 What is that old axiom?
20:47 To error is human, to forgive is divine.
20:51 Forgiveness truly is of divine origin which begs the
20:56 question, is there something that we can do that God
21:02 will not forgive?
21:07 I'm touching on the unpardonable sin.
21:09 Is there an act that you or I could commit that
21:14 God simply cannot forgive?
21:18 In short, what is the unpardonable sin?
21:23 Well, there are a number of texts that touch on this,
21:27 that touch on it for us.
21:30 I have spent a fair amount of time looking at this myself,
21:34 so let's go into the word of God and see what
21:35 God has to say.
21:36 I'm in the book of Matthew, what book did I say?
21:38 Matthew 12:31-32.
22:11 When we try to unravel the mystery of the sin that God will
22:16 not forgive, it begins, ladies and gentlemen, with attitude.
22:22 What did I say?
22:23 It begins with attitude, an attitude of resistance and
22:29 unsubmissive attitude towards the things of God.
22:34 Now we are in Matthew let's go to verse 24 of that
22:39 same chapter 12.
22:54 Let's look at the context, the context is Christ had
22:57 just healed a demon possessed man.
23:00 He was dumb, and to be more politically correct,
23:05 he was blind and mute.
23:06 After Jesus dealt with him he could see, hear, and speak.
23:12 Those Pharisees who saw it, deduced the following, the only
23:18 reason the Devils obey Him, is because he is
23:23 Prince of the Devils, and the Devils are simply
23:28 obeying his leader.
23:30 In response to that assertion Christ gives a long series of
23:35 statements about a house divided against itself, cannot stand.
23:40 So He says basically, if I am the Prince of Devils, and
23:43 casting out devils, the kingdom of the devil will not
23:46 be around very long because I'm working against myself.
23:50 It simply does not make sense.
23:54 That it is a blasphemous statement.
23:59 We get a clue to that and what it means, when we look
24:05 at the unbelief, and the rejection of Jesus Christ.
24:09 The Bible indicates that rejecting truth is a very
24:15 dangerous thing, ladies and gentlemen.
24:17 I want to stress that point, it is a dangerous thing to sit in
24:24 the presence of truth, to be convicted by the Holy Spirit of
24:31 truth, and then in turn your back on truth.
24:36 It is a dangerous thing, because you have to harden your heart
24:41 against the convicting power and Spirit of God.
24:45 So then, you are resisting the very presence of God.
24:51 That miracle was accompanied by a spirit, that touched
24:56 the heart of those who wanted to see.
24:59 You see the thing about truth is if you want to see it,
25:03 it's plain to see.
25:05 If you want to be blind, you can reject truth.
25:10 But you reject truth at the peril of your own soul.
25:14 The Bible says my spirit will not always strive with mankind,
25:18 so we are not talking about a particular act.
25:22 We are talking about a resistance lifestyle.
25:26 You say, no once, it gets a little easier to say,
25:31 no the next time.
25:32 And a little easier to say, no the next time,
25:36 to the point where the spirit is speaking,
25:39 but you are not listening.
25:42 Let's go to the book of Acts, what book did I say?
25:45 Acts 17:30.
26:04 You see it is one thing to not know, it is in other
26:09 to know and not do, can you say Amen?
26:13 When you don't know, you don't know.
26:17 But when you know, God calls you to do.
26:20 Now I want you to think about something,
26:23 Does God know what you do?
26:30 Does God know what you think?
26:32 Does God know what you are about to do?
26:36 Does God know what you could do if you had a chance?
26:49 You see a lot of us don't sin, not because we don't
26:54 want to, we just haven't had the chance.
27:03 Do you think that God knows if you had the chance,
27:06 you would?
27:12 Do you think of the Lord knows if you found a hundred dollars
27:18 you may turn it in? And you may not?
27:22 Do you think the Lord knows that?
27:26 You know why he knows, a number of reasons.
27:29 One He knows because of your lifestyle, because last week you
27:32 may have found a quarter and put it in your pocket.
27:37 Or you may have found 5 dollars.
27:39 You know what I was a child I went in the bathroom at
27:42 the Manna Temple Seventh-day Adventist church in Buffalo,
27:44 New York and found 75 dollars on the grounds.
27:48 As I put it in my pocket I was praising the Lord.
27:57 When I came out of the bathroom it was like my pocket
28:00 was on fire, I just couldn't keep it in there.
28:04 I was about 12 years old and thinking, candy, train set,
28:15 bubblegum, cookies, and then I said, hell fire.
28:29 I took out the 75 dollars and gave it to the Deacon.
28:34 I said, I found this in the bathroom.
28:35 Later on in the service, at the end of the service the Pastor
28:40 announced that this fellow had lost 75 dollars in the bathroom,
28:44 and I knew the fellow.
28:45 I began to think to myself, what if I spent that money
28:49 and I know him.
28:50 But even if I didn't know him, honesty compels us to do
28:55 the right thing, Amen!
28:56 So God knows, you cannot surprise God.
29:02 God knows what we will do and what we would do.
29:05 The fact that you said that, I do not want to know
29:08 about the Sabbath, so I'm going to stay home,
29:11 God knows you should have been there.
29:13 So you're going to be judged, ladies and gentlemen,
29:18 by what you do, what you don't do, what you should have done,
29:26 what you could have done, what you would have done, what you
29:35 think, what you say, what you could have said, what you would
29:43 have said, what you should have said
29:46 and didn't say, Amen.
29:49 It all goes in the mix, do you see why you need Jesus
29:54 if you are going to make in?
29:55 You can't get in on your own and every time you hear
30:00 truth and turn your back on truth, it is a strike against
30:03 you because you are responsible for the truth you know.
30:06 And you were responsible for the truth you
30:08 should have known.
30:09 I bought a Bible 20 years ago and it's collecting
30:11 dust on the shelf, you are responsible for that.
30:21 The Lord says choose ye this day, Amen.
30:26 Why halt between two opinions? We need to serve the Lord.
30:32 When you know and don't do you put yourself
30:37 on dangerous ground.
30:39 The book is Acts, what book did I say?
30:42 Acts 4:20, this is the text we have read before and I want
30:46 to use it for re-emphasis.
31:00 I said, the other night, that is a mutually
31:03 exclusive text.
31:05 It says simply, if you want to go to heaven you have to
31:11 go through Jesus.
31:13 The one name that ushers in salvation is the name of Christ.
31:18 There are other popular names, there are other names
31:21 that people go by, but the name that gets you entrance into
31:25 the kingdom of God, is the name of Jesus,
31:28 and Jesus alone.
31:32 The ramifications of that particular text
31:35 are far reaching.
31:37 Those words eliminate all rivals and pretenders to
31:43 the throne, the name of Jesus is the one and only name that
31:48 guarantees salvation.
31:50 So then, what ever Jesus asks us to do, those of us
31:55 who claim to love Jesus are responsible to do it,
32:01 can you say Amen?
32:02 That is down to the smallest detail, only one way,
32:08 only one man, and that puts Christianity in the drivers
32:13 seat, ladies and gentlemen.
32:15 No competition if you want to make it into the kingdom,
32:21 Jesus is the way.
32:23 If you turn your back on Jesus, you turn your back
32:27 on the only way.
32:30 John 14:6 is a text that we know very well.
32:49 It cannot get any plainer than that.
32:51 If you want to get to God, Jesus is the way,
32:55 no other way.
32:56 No other road, no other avenue, you have to give it all
33:01 to the Lord and what Christ asked us to do,
33:05 God's people have got to do.
33:11 Romans 5:10 talks about Christ being the reconciliation that
33:15 is wrought through Jesus.
33:17 They saw the Lord manifest His divinity in that miracle,
33:23 and yet they attributed it to Satan.
33:26 How does one forgive that?
33:30 There in the presence of a miracle of God, and your
33:34 disbelieving the evidence of your own eyes and saying,
33:39 it's got be by the devil.
33:41 Let me show you something, I'm in the book of John,
33:44 what book did I say?
33:46 John 6:63.
34:13 Christ sent the Holy Spirit, He dispatched to this world,
34:18 the Holy Spirit to convince and convict of sin.
34:23 When you are sitting before a preacher and the words of God
34:29 are digging their way into your soul, and you begin
34:34 to feel a little uncomfortable, that is precisely the job of
34:39 the Holy Spirit.
34:41 It's the job of the Holy Spirit to afflict the comfortable,
34:45 and to comfort the afflicted.
34:47 Can you say Amen?
34:49 If you are a little too comfortable in that chair,
34:53 it's the Spirit's job to give you little pinprick.
35:02 But if your life is in turmoil, and your life is nothing but
35:06 pin pricks, it's the Spirit's job to rub a little
35:09 salve on the wound. Amen?
35:12 That is the Spirit's job, to afflict the comfortable
35:15 and comfort the afflicted.
35:17 It is the Spirit the Bible says, that quickened,
35:20 the flesh profited nothing.
35:24 It's the Holy Spirit's job to take the truth and seal it into
35:28 your heart and soul.
35:30 God's Spirit is the convincer, God's Spirit is the convictor.
35:38 We are just the preacher's.
35:41 The power is in the Spirit, the Spirit is good and to reject
35:47 the Spirit is to reject the voice of God.
35:51 So if God sends you His word, and confirms it by His Spirit,
35:58 to reject it puts you on dangerous ground.
36:06 The unbeliever makes 4 fatal mistakes,
36:08 let's run through them real fast.
36:10 The first is found in Psalms 19:13, what book did I say?
36:31 Now what do we mean by presumptuous sin?
36:32 A presumptuous sin is one where you know it is wrong, where
36:39 you have a clear outline and mandate that it is wrong,
36:42 yet you say not me.
36:46 It's like the law says, 65 miles an hour on I-57.
36:56 Not me, I go 95, that is presumptuous.
37:05 Particularly when you say it's raining and I have got to get
37:13 there, so God will take care of me, I will do a 100.
37:17 That's presumptuous.
37:20 David said, keep me back Lord from presumptuous, when I know
37:27 it is wrong, when I am presuming on the goodness
37:29 of God, don't let me fall into that category.
37:32 Don't let me thumb my nose at the will of God.
37:35 Keep me back from presumptuous sin.
37:38 Number two, we make a fatal mistake when we reject
37:46 the plain thus saith the Lord, wind we thumb our nose,
37:54 as it were, at the truth.
37:55 I'm in John 16:13.
38:21 It is the Holy Spirit's job to lead us into truth.
38:26 That's why I ask you every time you come here to listen and
38:31 pray and when you hear truth follow truth.
38:36 Truth has a certain ring, asked the Lord every time you open
38:39 the Bible, Lord when I run into truth, and I will
38:43 run into truth in this book, convict me of it.
38:47 Convince me of it, give me discernment.
38:50 Particularly if you are one who tends to watch preachers on
38:55 television, you have to be very careful where you get your
38:59 truth from, and make sure your truth is not mingled,
39:04 or mixed with error.
39:06 Check everybody by the word of God, if it is of God it
39:12 can stand investigation.
39:15 If it cannot stand investigation, maybe it is
39:18 not of God and you need to turn your back on it.
39:21 But once you're convicted and convinced that it is
39:23 of God; as a person, a man or woman of God,
39:27 you have got to follow truth.
39:30 I say again, turn your back on truth puts you
39:35 on dangerous ground.
39:37 So 1. Presumptuous sin, 2. Rejection of truth
39:42 3. Refusing to repent, what did I say?
39:48 Refusing to repent, I'm in the book of Proverbs 28:13.
40:12 Let me ask you a question.
40:14 How soon after you sin does God know?
40:20 Yeah, He knows when you are on the way to sin.
40:29 So when it says confess your sins, does it mean
40:38 inform God that you have sinned?
40:40 So who are you confessing to?
40:45 Who are you informing? You are not informing God.
40:51 You are simply admitting to God and yourself that you
40:58 made a mistake.
40:59 You see you never get found unless you admit that
41:02 you are lost.
41:04 You see my wife and I had this argument all the time.
41:06 Pull over and asked somebody.
41:09 I'm not lost, ask who I'm not lost fine, this is just
41:16 an adventure, this is just an adventure.
41:20 She said, will you pull over and ask somebody?
41:21 I'm not going to ask somebody, I'm not lost.
41:22 I bet I'm not the only one that's had this conversation.
41:29 You never get found unless you admit that you are lost.
41:34 So when you confess your sins you are telling God something
41:39 He already knows but needs to hear from your lips.
41:43 God needs to know that you know that you
41:45 are fessed up.
41:49 Confess to your sins.
41:52 So if you try to cover them, the only person that you
41:56 are really playing games with is yourself,
41:58 because God already knows.
42:01 If you cover your sins you cannot prosper.
42:05 God can't bless you lying to yourself.
42:09 He knows you sinned, you ought to know you sinned.
42:14 So go ahead and admit it and let the blood of Christ cleanse
42:20 you from your sin.
42:21 Not my favorite text, if we confess our sins,
42:28 He is faithful and just to forgive and to cleanse.
42:33 So if you don't confess, He is not going to forgive,
42:38 and He is not going to cleanse.
42:41 But the moment you do, He is faithful and just to
42:47 forgive and to cleanse.
42:50 Same book of Proverbs 28:9, this is a strong piece of
42:53 Scripture, powerful text.
43:09 That is a frightening text.
43:10 God says, if you turn your back on Me, if you turn your back
43:15 on My law and My words, what are you praying for?
43:19 Why are you praying? Does it make sense?
43:25 You are not going to hear Me, you are not going to
43:30 obey Me, you are not going to follow Me, why pray?
43:35 You are making a mockery of God.
43:39 One of the first text I committed to memory
43:42 Galatians 6:7, "be not deceived, God is not mocked,
43:48 whatsoever you sow you reap. "
43:52 If you are not going to listen to Him, if you're not
43:55 going to obey Him, if you are not going to follow Him,
43:58 if you are not going to surrender yourself to Him,
44:01 then why are you praying to Him?
44:02 That's a front, it is a mockery of God to ask for power from
44:07 God and then not intend to follow Him.
44:11 "So he who turns his ear away from hearing the law,
44:14 even your prayer is an abomination," it works against
44:17 you, rather than help you.
44:19 God told King Saul, "to obey is better than sacrifice.
44:29 And to hearken, to listen then the fat of rams. "
44:34 Let's go to another text, I'm in the book John 12:48.
45:04 Christ is making a very powerful statement.
45:09 He who rejects me and doesn't receive my word,
45:14 the word is judging.
45:19 If God says, seek truth and pursue it and you passed
45:24 truth by, truth is your judge.
45:29 If God says, be kind, and love, and give, and share,
45:34 and you refuse to do those things, then those things
45:40 are your judge.
45:41 God does not kick people out of the kingdom.
45:46 We say, by our actions, I don't want to be in there.
45:53 I don't want to have God.
45:55 What a mistake it would be for God to take to heaven someone
46:02 who doesn't want to be there.
46:04 You would be miserable in heaven.
46:09 We are singing and praising the Lord and you are out
46:14 back trying to find a cigarette to smoke.
46:16 Everybody has their doors unlocked and the streets are
46:22 paved with gold and you are out back with a hammer and chisel,
46:26 trying to chisel up the golden streets.
46:27 Why would God takes someone to heaven who does not want
46:34 to be there, who would be uncomfortable there?
46:37 Instead of eternal joy, it would be eternal torture.
46:42 Heaven would be hell for a person who does not want
46:48 to be there, does it make sense?
46:50 So our actions each and every day show whether we want
46:54 to be God or not.
46:59 Do you see a pattern?
47:00 What we have described is not one evil act, it is my
47:09 contention that one bad act in a life of good,
47:14 will not keep you out of heaven.
47:16 One good act in a life of evil will not get you in.
47:21 It is a pattern, now let's think of an act that God
47:26 could not forgive.
47:28 Do we have a case in the Bible where God forgave adultery?
47:39 Yes, so adultery is not the unpardonable sin.
47:45 Do we have a case the Bible where God forgave murder?
47:54 Several, in fact there is a fellow in heaven right now
47:58 who is an ex-murderer.
48:02 So murder is not the unpardonable sin.
48:05 Do we have a case in the Bible where God forgave lying?
48:12 Yes, so murder, lying, adultery are not the
48:17 unpardonable sin.
48:18 Do we have a case in the Bible where God forgave covetousness?
48:24 Yes, do we have a case the Bible were God forgave
48:29 someone who did not honor their parents?
48:33 Yes, do we have a case in the Bible where God forgave someone
48:37 who was an Idolater, or had another kind of God? Yes!
48:41 So we can go down the Ten Commandments and find cases
48:46 where God forgave the breaking of all those, because
48:50 they were confessed and forsaken.
48:53 So is there one particular act in the Bible that
48:58 cannot be forgiven?
49:05 Yes and no, there is not one thing you can do that
49:12 would put you beyond the love of God.
49:14 Can you say Amen?
49:15 Because everything you do, someone has already done it,
49:22 Solomon says there is nothing new under the sun.
49:28 In fact, sometimes we do things that surprise us,
49:32 but they do not surprise Jesus.
49:35 They don't surprise Satan, the only person that is surprised
49:40 when you do the things you do, is you.
49:46 And no matter what we do, God can forgive.
49:50 The only sin that cannot be forgiven is the one that
49:58 we do not confess, are you listening to me?
50:02 Every sin you confess and forsake can be forgiven,
50:07 the one that is not, is the one that you do not
50:12 confess and forsake.
50:14 The longer you hang onto a sin, the more it poisoned your
50:19 spiritual barrel, it hardens you against the convicting power
50:24 of the Holy Spirit, till you get to the point you can not
50:29 see, you cannot hear and sometimes even as you pray and
50:34 you do not believe that you can change.
50:36 That is why it is so sad and so dangerous to turn your back on
50:45 truth once you know the truth.
50:48 Because you harden your own heart against the convicting
50:54 power of God and soon you turn off the Holy Spirit which
50:59 convinces and convicts you of sin.
51:02 The very fact that your heart is pricked, your conscience is
51:08 touched means that you are not too far gone. Amen!
51:12 So don't worry about the sin against the Holy Spirit,
51:17 worry about accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and following
51:22 wherever He leads, because as long as you
51:26 have made that determination you don't have to worry
51:29 about the sin against the Holy Ghost.
51:32 All you have to worry about is putting your hands in
51:37 the hand of Jesus and following wherever Jesus leads,
51:41 and when Christ brings truth to your door step,
51:46 open the door and let Him in. Amen and Amen!
51:53 Matthew 4:4, what book did I say?
52:06 Every word, every word, every word, not just some
52:10 of the words, not just the New Testament, not just
52:14 the Old Testament, but every word is important,
52:17 truth filled and life-giving.
52:19 We have to except every word.
52:20 John 15:5.
52:44 Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes God is going to take
52:48 us through experiences that we do not understand,
52:51 that don't make sense to us.
52:54 We have to except it and follow wherever He leads.
52:59 To do otherwise is to place yourself in danger,
53:04 now I am running out of time so I want to give you 3
53:06 texts to be as a home work assignment.
53:08 1 Timothy 4:2, talking about the conscience seared with
53:13 a hot iron, that is turning off what the will of
53:15 God tells you, you get your conscience seared and
53:18 built-up scar tissue till you can't hear.
53:20 2 Timothy 5:1, the Bible says "he that lives in pleasure
53:24 is dead while he lives. "
53:26 Important text, Ephesians 4:18, 19.
53:29 The Bible talks about "having your conscience darkened
53:32 and being alienated from God because of consistent refusal
53:35 to hear the voice of God. "
53:37 Ephesians 4:30, a powerful text.
53:42 It says, "do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God by whom
53:47 you are sealed for the day redemption. "
53:50 Don't grieve the Spirit, co operate with the Spirit,
53:53 work with the Spirit and when God calls you to truth,
53:58 following in that truth for it is your only safeguard and
54:02 ladies and gentlemen your life depends
54:05 upon it, Amen and Amen.
54:09 Stand with me please as we pray, Holy Father,
54:15 we come to You now in prayer asking You please Lord,
54:20 please Lord, help us to accept and follow in the truth.
54:26 Not to place tradition before truth or our ways before truth,
54:33 or any Pastor or any man before truth but always look to Jesus.


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