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Program Code Duration Description Participants
HDS000001A Video Transcript 0:28:15 Intro/Overview Jim Burr
HDS000002A Video Transcript 0:27:45 The Microscope & DNA -part 1 Jim Burr
HDS000003A Video Transcript 0:28:15 The Microscope & DNA -part 2 Jim Burr
HDS000004A Video Transcript 0:28:15 Astronomy from a Biblical Perspective -part 1 Jim Burr
HDS000005A Video Transcript 0:28:00 Astronomy from a Biblical Perspective -part 2 Jim Burr
HDS000006A Video Transcript 0:28:00 Astronomy from a Biblical Perspective -part 3 Jim Burr
HDS000007A Video Transcript 0:28:15 The Big Bang Never Happened Jim Burr
HDS000008A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Creating a Sun on Earth Jim Burr
HDS000009A Video Transcript 0:27:45 The Attributes of God -part 1 Jim Burr
HDS000010A Video Transcript 0:28:15 The Attributes of God -part 2 Jim Burr
HDS000011A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Saturn Jim Burr
HDS000012A Video Transcript 0:28:15 Orion Jim Burr
HDS000013A Video Transcript 0:28:00 Science in the Classroom -part 1 Jim Burr
HDS000014A Video Transcript 0:28:15 Science in the Classroom -part 2 Jim Burr
HDS000015A Video Transcript 0:28:00 The Little Bang Theory Jim Burr
HDS000016A Video Transcript 0:27:30 The Large Hadron Collider Jim Burr
HDS000017A Video Transcript 0:28:15 The Great Controversy Jim Burr
HDS000018A Video 0:28:30 The Theory of Evolution Jim Burr
HDS000019A Video Transcript 0:27:45 Our God is an Awesome God Jim Burr
HDS000020A Video Transcript 0:28:15 Star of Bethlehem Jim Burr
HDS000021A Video 0:28:15 Life on Other Planets Jim Burr
HDS000022A Video Transcript 0:28:15 Kids Show Jim Burr


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