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TITTB000001 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Introduction Cordell Thomas
TITTB000002 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Getting Out Of Debt Cordell Thomas
TITTB000003 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Budget Cordell Thomas
TITTB000004 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Credit Cordell Thomas
TITTB000005 Video Transcript 0:28:28 Banking Cordell Thomas
TITTB000006 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Living On Your Own Cordell Thomas
TITTB000007 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Saving & Investing Cordell Thomas
TITTB000008 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Credit Protection & I.D. Theft, Pt. 1 Cordell Thomas
TITTB000009 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Credit Protection & I.D. Theft, Pt. 2 Cordell Thomas
TITTB000010 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Credit Protection & I.D. Theft, Pt. 3 Cordell Thomas
TITTB000011 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Needs Vs. Wants Cordell Thomas
TITTB000012 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Shopping Therapy: Cars & Loan Cordell Thomas
TITTB000013 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Avoiding The Holiday Hangover Cordell Thomas
TITTB000014 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Financial Problems - What Can They Cause? Cordell Thomas
TITTB000015 Video Transcript 0:28:29 What Are The Causes Of Financial Problems? Cordell Thomas
TITTB000016 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Financial Problems Between Married People Cordell Thomas
TITTB000017 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Common Financial Problems - What Are They? Cordell Thomas
TITTB000018 Video 0:28:29 Financial Problems In College Cordell Thomas
TITTB000019 Video 0:28:29 Living Beyond Your Means Cordell Thomas
TITTB000020 Video 0:28:29 Lack Of Income Cordell Thomas
TITTB000021 Video 0:28:29 Marital Breakdown Cordell Thomas
TITTB000022 Video 0:28:28 Marital Breakdown, Part 2 Cordell Thomas
TITTB000023 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Income Taxes / Gambling & Substance Abuse Cordell Thomas
TITTB000024 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Business Failure Cordell Thomas
TITTB000025 Video 0:28:29 Financial Infidelity Cordell Thomas
TITTB000026 Video 0:28:29 Student Loan Debt / I.D. Theft Cordell Thomas
TITTB000027 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Happiness Cordell Thomas
TITTB000028 Video Transcript 0:28:18 Consumer Complaints Cordell Thomas
TITTB000029 Video Transcript 0:29:29 Consumer Safety Cordell Thomas
TITTB000030 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Thinking Critically Cordell Thomas
TITTB000031 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Six Things In Your Wallet Cordell Thomas
TITTB000032 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Critical Items To Avoid Carrying In Your Wallet Cordell Thomas
TITTB000033 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Consumer Aware - Buyer Beware Pt. 1 Cordell Thomas
TITTB000034 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Consumer Aware - Buyer Beware Pt. 2 Cordell Thomas
TITTB000035 Video Transcript 0:28:29 How The Wealthy Live Cordell Thomas
TITTB000036 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Salary Cordell Thomas
TITTB000037 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Consumer Privacy Cordell Thomas
TITTB000038 Video Transcript 0:28:29 The Biggest Cause Of Stress Cordell Thomas
TITTB000039 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Targeted Demographics Cordell Thomas
TITTB000040 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Single Greatest Impact To A Budget Cordell Thomas
TITTB000041 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Budget Review Cordell Thomas
TITTB000042 Video 0:28:29 Debt Pt. 1 Cordell Thomas
TITTB000043 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Debt Pt. 2 Cordell Thomas
TITTB000044 Video 0:28:29 Your Mortgage / Rent Cordell Thomas
TITTB000045 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Investing Cordell Thomas
TITTB000046 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Scams & Credit Repair Cordell Thomas


Updated 2017-04-30