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Program Code Duration Description Participants
BT170001A Video Transcript NA God’S Protection NA
BT170002A Video Transcript NA Traditions NA
BT170003A Video Transcript NA The Need to Want NA
BT170004A Video Transcript NA The Joy of Heaven NA
BT170005A Video Transcript NA Why Death? NA
BT170006A Video Transcript NA Foolish Pride NA
BT170007A Video Transcript NA Knowing God NA
BT170008A Video Transcript NA Temper Trouble NA
BT170009A Video Transcript NA Dependable God NA
BT170010A Video Transcript
BT170010S Video Transcript
NA Can God Hear Me? NA
BT170011S Video NA Freedom to Choose NA
BT170012S Video NA So Many Rules NA
BT170013S Video NA Do Miracles Happen? NA
BT170014S Video NA Roadblocks In Life NA
BT170015S Video NA Dealing with Bullies NA
BT170016S Video NA My Friend Is Changing NA
BT170017S Video NA I Don't Fit In NA
BT170018S Video NA Words Can Hurt NA
BT170019S Video NA Dealing with Fear NA
BT170020S Video NA Questions About Dinosaurs NA
BT170021S Video NA Why So Many Languages? NA
BT170022S Video NA Is Something Wrong with Me? NA


Updated 2023-12-05