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Program Code Duration Description Participants
WHO200001S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Pandemic John Lomacang
WHO200002S Video Transcript 0:58:30 Trusting When I Can’T See Jill Morikone
WHO200003S Video Transcript 0:58:30 Church Quake Warning Ryan Day
WHO200004S Video Transcript 0:58:30 Quarantine John Lomacang
WHO200005S Video Transcript 0:58:30 Prophetic Forecast Cloudy with a Chance of Sunday Ryan Day
WHO200006S Video Transcript 0:58:30 Lockdown Jill Morikone
WHO200007S Video Transcript 0:58:30 Coronavirus Aftermath John Lomacang
WHO200008S Video Transcript 0:58:30 Faithful Until The End John Dinzey
WHO200009S Video Transcript 0:58:30 America Shutting Down--A World of Fear and Uncerta Kenny Shelton
WHO200010S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Coronavirus, The Preventable Crisis? John Dinzey
WHO200011S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Our Weapons of Warfare Kenny Shelton
WHO200012S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Inseparable John Lomacang
WHO200013S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Armageddon - The Final Coalition John Lomacang
WHO200014S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Blurred Lines and Dim Minds Ryan Day
WHO200015S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Move Out of the Cities - Now! Kenny Shelton
WHO200016S Video Transcript 00:58:30 7 Keys to Building Relationships Jill Morikoni
WHO200017S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Darkness Shall Cover The Earth Kenny Shelton
WHO200018S Video Transcript 00:58:30 The Undeniable Identity of the Antichrist Ryan Day
WHO200019S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Who Is Suppressing The Truth Kenny Shelton
WHO200020S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Grace Vs Legalism Jill Morikone
WHO200021S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Lessons Learned In God’S Waiting Room Shelley Quinn
WHO200022S Video Transcript 00:58:30 A Question of Life and Death John Dinzey
WHO200023S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Cross Examination Ryan Day
WHO200024S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Restorative Repentance Jill Morikone
WHO200025S Video Transcript 00:58:30 7 Keys to Overcome Fear Jill Morikone
WHO200026S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Weighed in the Balance Kenny Shelton
WHO200027S Video Transcript 00:58:30 True Dat Ryan Day
WHO200028S Video Transcript 00:58:30 The Faith of Jesus John Lomacang
WHO200029S Video Transcript 00:58:30 The Victory of Overcoming Shelley Quinn
WHO200030S Video Transcript 00:58:30 A Famine Is Coming Ryan Day
WHO200031S Video Transcript 00:58:30 2021: Better Than 2020? John Dinzey
WHO200032S Video Transcript 00:58:30 The Deception Pandemic John Lomacang
WHO210033S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Universal Peace Restored John Dinzey
WHO210034S Video Transcript 00:58:30 How Big Is Your God? Jill Morikone
WHO210035S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Unprecedented Crisis John Lomacang
WHO210036S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Starting Over Shelley Quinn
WHO210037S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Jesus Offers You His Righteousness John Dinzey
WHO210038S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Restored Relationship Jill Morikone
WHO210039S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Last Line of Defense John Lomacang
WHO210040S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Once Saved, Always Saved? John Lomacang
WHO210041S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Beast Mode 2.0 Part 1 of 2 Ryan Day
WHO210042S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Eternal Flame John Lomacang
WHO210043S Video Transcript 00:58:30 God of Love; God of Justice Jill Morikone
WHO210044S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Beast Mode 2.0 Part 2 of 2 Ryan Day
WHO210045S Video Transcript 00:58:30 He Is Here, Holy, Holy Kenny Shelton
WHO210046S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Heaven’S Archangel Shelley Quinn
WHO210047S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Apostate Protestantism John Lomacang
WHO210048S Video Transcript 00:58:30 Leadership's Call: Pitfalls Or Dangers for Leaders Jill Morikone
WHO210049S Video Transcript NA Little Men Handling Great Messages NA
WHO210050S Video Transcript NA Direction of the Storm NA
WHO210051S Video Transcript NA Jesus Did What Seemed Impossible NA
WHO210052S Video Transcript NA Freed by the Power of God's Word NA
WHO210053S Video Transcript NA One Thing NA
WHO210054S Video Transcript NA Resisting Temptation NA
WHO210055S Video Transcript NA Bvdg (Blind Visionaries and Dumb Geniuses) NA
WHO210056S Video Transcript NA Iceberg! "Meet It"! NA
WHO210057S Video Transcript NA Surrender--Made Simple NA
WHO210058S Video Transcript NA The Final Cleansing NA
WHO210059S Video Transcript NA Just My Imagination NA
WHO210060S Video Transcript NA The Silence of God NA
WHO210061S Video Transcript NA If It Wasn’T for the Lighthouse NA
WHO210062S Video Transcript NA Rhema Word Power NA
WHO210063S Video Transcript NA Wake Up and Sound The Alarm NA
WHO210064S Video Transcript NA The Coming World Blackout NA
WHO210065S Video Transcript NA A Kiss of Grace from Spirit-Led Lips NA
WHO210066S Video Transcript NA I Will Make This House Like Shiloh NA
WHO210067S Video Transcript NA Stained Glass NA
WHO210068S Video Transcript NA Prophetic Panorama NA
WHO210069S Video Transcript NA Tuning Into Thanksgiving NA
WHO210070S Video Transcript NA Reflections In Scripture and Song NA
WHO210071S Video Transcript NA God with Us and for Us NA
WHO210072S Video Transcript NA The Coming Messiah--The Hope of All Nations NA
WHO210073S Video Transcript NA Time for Deliverance NA
WHO210074S Video Transcript NA A Baby Had Mary NA
WHO210075S Video Transcript NA Gods Prophetic Alarm Clock, Enduring Love NA
WHO210076S Video Transcript NA Youthanasia NA
WHO210077S Video Transcript NA A New Thing NA
WHO210078S Video Transcript NA God Is Our Refuge and Strength NA
WHO210079S Video Transcript NA Gods Prophetic Alarm Clock, Faithful Service NA
WHO220001S Video Transcript NA Recognizing God’S Call NA
WHO220002S Video NA A Thief in the Night NA
WHO220003S Video NA Stimulated Or Commited NA
WHO220004S Video NA The Land Was Filled with Violence NA
WHO220005S Video NA Receiving God’S Call NA
WHO220006S Video NA The Big Lie NA
WHO220007S Video NA Tribulation Warning!!!! Take Shelter! NA
WHO220008S Video NA The Agony of Jesus In Gethsemane NA
WHO220009S Video NA The Philosophy of Fear NA
WHO220010S Video NA Responding to God’S Call NA
WHO220011S Video NA The Condition of Prosperity NA
WHO220012S Video NA Poured Out NA
WHO220013S Video NA Does God Care What I Do with My Body? NA
WHO220014S Video NA Death’S Painful Sting & The Joyful Resurrection NA
WHO220015S Video NA Prophetic Prayer NA
WHO220016S Video NA The Perfect Hiding Place NA
WHO220017S Video NA Praying Down Walls NA
WHO220018S Video NA May All Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful NA
WHO220019S Video NA Romans 8 Part 1 of 7 NA
WHO220020S Video NA How to Know The End Is Near NA
WHO220021S Video NA The Abomination of Desolation Part 1 of 3 NA
WHO220022S Video NA Our Victorious Lord NA
WHO220023S Video NA Romans 8 Part 2 of 7 NA
WHO220024S Video NA The Abomination of Desolation Part 2 of 3 NA
WHO220025S Video NA Love In Death NA
WHO220026S Video NA Clear & Distinct! NA
WHO220027S Video NA The Abomination of Desolation Part 3 of 3 NA
WHO220028S Video NA Let’S Clean Things Up NA
WHO220029S Video NA Why The Wait? NA
WHO220030S Video NA The Seduction of Christianity NA
WHO220031S Video NA Some Overlooked Signs of Christ’s Second Coming NA
WHO220032S Video NA Romans 8 Part 3 of 7 NA
WHO220033S Video NA Tidings from East and North NA
WHO220034S Video NA A Comfortable Predicament NA
WHO220035S Video NA The Lamb of God - Examined NA
WHO220036S Video NA Biblical Bunters NA
WHO220037S Video NA Burn Your Bridges NA
WHO220038S Video NA Over Correcting NA
WHO220039S Video NA Romans 8 Part 4 of 7 NA
WHO220040S Video NA Strange Fire Part 1 of 2 NA
WHO220041S Video NA The Danger of Sin NA
WHO220042S Video NA Back to the Altar: An Inside-Out Revolution NA
WHO220043S Video NA Romans 8 Part 5 of 7 NA
WHO230001S Video NA A Convenient Time NA
WHO230002S Video NA Strange Fire Part 2 of 2 NA
WHO230003S Video NA Romans 8, Part 6 of 7 NA
WHO230004S Video NA The Faith of Jesus - Part 1 of 2 NA
WHO230005S Video NA A Forgotten Prophecy NA
WHO230006S Video NA Vain, Worthless Philosophies NA
WHO230007S Video NA Romans 8, Part 7 of 7 NA
WHO230008S Video NA Apostate Protestantism NA
WHO230009S Video NA Identity Crisis: Who Am I? NA
WHO230010S Video NA Identity Crisis NA
WHO230011S Video NA Cursed Or Blessed? NA
WHO230012S Video NA The Flow of God’s Love Part 1 of 2 NA
WHO230013S Video NA It Takes Time NA
WHO230014S Video NA Two Fathers, Two Sons, One Ultimate Sacrifice NA
WHO230015S Video NA Belonging In Christ NA
WHO230016S Video NA Beware; Spiritual Overload! NA
WHO230017S Video NA Truth Curse NA
WHO230018S Video NA The Flow of God’S Love Part 2 of 2 NA
WHO230019S Video NA The Faith of Jesus Part 2 of 2 NA
WHO230020S Video NA Suspended Between Heaven and Earth, Part 1 of 2 NA
WHO230021S Video NA But If Not NA
WHO230022S Video NA What Does The Bible Say About Hell? NA
WHO230023S Video NA Suspended Between Heaven and Earth, Part 2 of 2 NA
WHO230024S Video NA Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit NA
WHO230025S Video NA When Jesus Said, It Is Finished NA
WHO230026S Video NA I Am NA
WHO230027S Video NA The Power to Change NA
WHO230028S Video NA Beware of False Christs and False Prophets NA
WHO230029S Video NA Ears to Hear NA
WHO230030S Video NA The Man with Two Gods NA
WHO230031S Video NA Are You Pursuing Your Promised Potential? NA
WHO230032S Video NA What Jesus Said About The Sabbath NA
WHO230033S Video NA My Redeemer Is Faithful and True NA
WHO230034S Video NA "How Do We Develop Victorious Faith?" NA
WHO230035S Video NA Forgive and You Will Be Forgiven NA
WHO230036S Video NA Power of Praise NA
WHO230037S Video NA Living Up to the Light You Have NA
WHO230038S Video NA Facing Trials, Seeing Him Who Is Invisible NA
WHO230039S Video NA Pharisees, Sadducees, Or Christ NA
WHO230040S Video NA Know NA
WHO230041S Video Transcript NA And So All Israel Shall Be Saved Part One NA
WHO230042S Video NA From Judgment to Restoration NA
WHO230043S Video NA Unmasked, A Major Demonic Deception NA
WHO230044S Video NA Sinvasion NA
WHO230045S Video NA And So All Israel Shall Be Saved Part 2 of 2 NA
WHO240001S Video NA The Catholic's Challenge Part 1 of 2 NA
WHO240002S Video NA Rage Against The Covenant NA
WHO240003S Video NA Substitutes NA
WHO240004S Video NA Guard Your Mind from the Devil NA
WHO240005S Video NA The Time of the End NA
WHO240006S Video NA Why Do Christians Worship On Sunday? NA
WHO240007S Video NA Affliction Will Not Rise Up Again NA
WHO240008S Video NA The Catholic's Challenge Part Two NA
WHO240009S Video NA When God Is Silent NA
WHO240010S Video NA The Death Challenge: Part One NA
WHO240011S Video NA How Can I Become Part of God’S Family? NA
WHO240012S Video NA Baptism—Burying The Past NA
WHO240013S Video NA Is Christian Nationalism Supporting the Unholy Alliance? NA
WHO240014S Video NA Is There A Limit to God’S Grace? NA
WHO240015S Video NA The Death Challenge: Part Two NA
WHO240016S Video NA NA
WHO240017S Video NA NA


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