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P000001 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Melody Shelton"I Know the Plans"
02.Jennifer LaMountain"Great Is Thy Faithfulness"
03.Dave & Marlene Colburn"Morning Has Broken"
04.Darrell Marshall"The Armor of God"
05.Kateena LeForge"How Great Thou Art Medley"
P000002 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Melody Firestone"I Know the Plans"
02.Reggie Samuel"His Eye is on the Sparrow Medley"
03.Diane Anders"Great Is thy Faithfulness"
04.Melissa King"Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus"
05.Jennifer LaMountain"He Is Able"
06.Jill Morikone"The Love of God"
07.Darrell Marshall"No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus"
P000003 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Valerie Walker"Tears Are a Language"
02.Shelley VanZyl"His Eye Is On the Sparrow"
03.Dave&Marlene Colburn"Deep River"
04.Diane Anders"It Is Well"
05.Jennifer LaMountain"No More Night"
P000004 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.E.T. Everett"Victory in Jesus"
02.Kateena LeForge"The Lighthouse"
03.John Lomacang"Were It Not for Grace"
04.Hope's Call"Glory to His Name"
05.Dave&Marlene Colburn"Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior"06.Shelley VanZyl"He Loved Me"
P000005 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Melody Firestone"I've Just Been With Jesus"
02.Diane Anders"I'd Rather Have Jesus"
03.John Lomacang"Tender Heart"
04.E.T. Everett"Just a Closer Walk With Thee"
05.Margie Salcedo-Rice"My Everything"
06.Joo Young Oh"Nearer Still Nearer"
07.Shelley VanZyl"Only Jesus"
P000006 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Jennifer LaMountain"Make Me Like You"
02.Diane Anders"I Surrender All"
03.John Lomacang"Would I Know You Now"
04.Joo Young Oh"Nearer My God to Thee"
05.Margie Salcedo-Rice"Woman After Your Own Heart"
06.Omega Quartet"More Love to Thee"
P000007 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Annette Campbell"Psalm 23"
02.Jim Rhodes"Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us"
03.Reggie Samuel"The Love of God"
04.Margie Salcedo-Rice"Rest"
05.Jill Morikone"It Is Well With My Soul"
06.Dave&Marlene Colburn"Simple Gifts Medley"
07.Darrell Marshall"Drinking From My Saucer"
P000008 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Jim Rhodes"My Redeemer"
02.Darrell Marshall"Who Am I"
03.Jennifer LaMountain"You Thought of Us"
04.Reggie Samuel"Via Dolorosa"
05.Jennifer LaMountain"The Wondrous Cross"
06.Diane Anders"How Long Has It Been"
07.John Lomacang"What a Friend We Have in Jesus"
P000009 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Diane Anders"What a Friend Medley"
02.Kateena LeForge"He's Just As Real to Me"
03.Jill Morikone"I Need Thee Every Hour"
04.Jim & Pam Rhodes"All He Wants Is You"
05.Annette Campbell"I Want to Go"
06.Jack Crosby & Donna Shurley"Learning to Lean"
P000010 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music Kelly Mowrer
P000011 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Diane Anders"No One Cared for Me Like Jesus"
02.Melody Firestone"Mercy Said No"
03.Dave&Marlene Colburn"Amazing Grace"
04.Jennifer LaMountain"In Your Mercy"
05.Reggie Samuel"The Love of God"
06.Valerie Walker"Above All"
P000012 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Michael Settle"Sweet Hour of Prayer"
02.Shelley VanZyl"In Your Presence"03.Joo Young Oh"The God of Abraham Praise"04.Margie Salcedo-Rice"The Gentleness & Peace of God"
05.Melody Firestone"Send a Miracle"
06.Annette Campbell"Somebody's Praying Me Through"
07.Diane Anders"How Long Has It Been"
P000014 Video Transcript 0:28:31 Trust His Heart Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01. Margie Salcedo Rice "Trust His Heart"
02. Diane Anders "He Hideth My Soul"
03. Melody Firestone "I can Touch Him"
04. Jim & Pam Rhodes "Footsteps"
05. Margie Salcedo Rice "Shelter Me
06. Melody Firestone "We Have Each Other"
O Lord"
P000015 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Prayer Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01. Denise Barclay "He'll Do it Again"
02. Lyndon Carriger "How Long Has It Been?"
03. E. T. Everett "I Need Thee Every Hour"
04. Jim & Pam Rhodes "It's Only Me Lord"
05. John Lomacang "What a Friend"
06. Ouachita Hills Bell Choir "Sweet Hour of Prayer"
07. Ron Woolsey "The Lord's Prayer"
P000016 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Praise Overflowing Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01. Tammy Chance "Spring of Living Water"
02. Emma McDonald "The Wonder of it All"
03. Jack Crosby & Donna Shurley "Satisfied"
04. Denise Barclay "Alleluia Amen"
05. Ron Woolsey "Springs of Living Water"
06. Ouachita Hills Academy "Praise to the Lord"
07. Lyndon Carriger "I Worship You Medley"
08. Denise Barclay "Alleluia Amen"
P000017 Video Transcript 0:28:30 More Love To Thee Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01. Jill Morikone "I am Thine O Lord"
02. Jennifer LaMountain "Lord You have My Heart"
03. Diane Anders "How Great Thou Art"
04. Hope's Call "How Can I keep from Singing?"
05. Reggie Samuel "The Love of God"
06. Omega Quartet "Render at Your Feet"
07. Annette Campbell "My Jesus I Love You"
08. Joo Young Oh & Abby Coo "I'd Rather Have Jesus"
P000018 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Jennifer LaMountain"Chasing of the Wind"
02.Christian Berdahl"Embrace the Cross"
03.Emma McDonald"Be Still and Know"
04.Rudy Micelli"Great Is Thy Faithfulness"
05.Stephanie Dawn"My Peace"
06.Rudy Micelli"Trust His Heart"
P000019 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Steve Darmody"How Wonderful Heaven Will Be"
02.Stephanie Dawn"He Who Trusts"
03.Christian Berdahl"New Jerusalem"
04.Sandra Entermann"Remember Me"
05.Rudy Micelli"Fall From All Care"/"Under His Wings"
06.Ron Woolsey"Mas Alla Del Sol"
P000020 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Emma McDonald"Wonderful
02.Angela Bryant-Brown"Amazing Grace Medley"
03.Clint McKay"Jesus Paid It All"
04.Lyndon Carriger"Amazing Grace"
05.Sandra Entermann"Were It Not For Grace"
06.Ron Woolsey"Cleanse Me/I Will Serve Thee"
Merciful Savior"
P000021 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Rudy Micelli"Scars"
02.Derrick Hall"The Old Rugged Cross"
03.Tammy Chance"He Forgives and Forgets"
04.Denise Barclay"Shepherd of My Heart"
05.Steve Darmody"Ivory Palaces"
06.Reggie Samuel"The Love of God"
P000022 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Korean Men's Quartet"If We Ever"
02.Christian Berdahl"Oh I Want to See Him"
03.Lyndon Carriger"My Help"
04.Donna Shurley & Jack Crosby"Learning to Lean"
05.Sandra Entermann"Chorus of Faith"
06.Rudy Micelli"I Will Follow You"
07.Ron Woolsey"Eternal Life"
P000023 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Lyndon Carriger"What a Friend We Have in Jesus"
02.Christian Berdahl"As Water to the Thirsty:
03.Donna Shurley & Jack Crosby"Someone is Praying For You"
04.Korean Men's Quartet"God's Made Our Hands"
05.Sandra Entermann"All I Ever Have to Be"
06.Derrick Hall"More"
07.Ron Woolsey"Sweet Beulah Land"
P000024A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Angela Bryant-Brown"Lord I Want to be a Christian"
02.Christian Berdahl"My Redeemer is Faithful & True"
03.Denise Barclay"He'll Do It Again"
04.Derrick Hall"Shepherd of Love"
05.Emma McDonald"Trust His Heart"
06.Ron Woolsey"The Lord's Prayer"
P000025 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Angela Bryant-Brown"Jesus Medley"
02.Christian Berdahl"He Who Began a Work in You"
03.Sandra Entermann"Do They See Jesus in Me".04.Steve Darmody"Shall We Learn to Be Friends"
05.Rudy Micelli"I Live For You".06.Klara & Eva Palhegyi"The Lord's Prayer"
P000026 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Ouachita Hills Academy"Wonderful Words of Life"
02.Denise Barclay"Come Thou Fount"
03.Angela Bryant-Brown"He Touch Me"
04.Christian Berdahl"Fill My Cup Lord".05Stephanie Down"Flowers In the Rain"
06.Rudy Micelli"Were It Not for Jesus"
07.Ron Woolsey"Eternal Life"
P000027 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)
01.Stephanie Dawn"Come Let Us Reason"
02.Christian Berdahl"Oh Let Me Walk With Thee"
03.Jill Morikone"Beneath the Cross of Jesus"
04.Angela Bryant-Brown"With a Made Up Mind"
05.Rudy Micelli"He Leadeth Me"
06.Steve Darmody"More Like You"
07.Ouachita Hills Academy"More Love to Thee"


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