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Series Code Description
15HC 3ABN Homecoming 2015
16HC 3ABN Homecoming 2016
16LON London 2016
16SCM Christ, Calvary, and the Sanctuary
17ASIC ASI Conventions, 2017
17CES 17 Carter Series Russia
17GYC Generation of Youth for Christ 2017
17HC 3ABN Homecoming 2017
17MVIC Maranatha Convention
17SCM Spring Camp Meeting 2017
24ELD 24 Elders, The
30ANN 3ABN 30th Anniversary Special
32ANN 3ABN 32nd Anniversary Special
3ABNGC 2010 General Conference
3AM Three Angels Message
3CS 3ABN Christmas Special
AA Amazing Adventures
AAO Alpha & Omega: Spiritualism
ABOTB Books of the Book: Acts
AEW An Evening With
AFDB Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor
AFFOF Foundations of Faith
AFH A Father's Heart
AFL Action 4 Life
AFM Adventist Frontier Missions
AFPA Amazing Facts Presents Australia
AIM Adventures in Missions
AL Abundant Living
AMP Amazing Prophecies
AOT Anchors of Truth
ASAP ASAP Ministries
ASB Awesome Science
ASHF A Sharper Focus
ASIC ASI Conventions
ASTPP Anchor School of Theology: Prophetic Principles
AVMN ASI Video Magazine
AWR Awr360 Broadcast to Baptism
BAL Bible Alive
BAS Body and Spirit
BASA Body and Spirit Aerobics
BLK Black clips
BLR Babylon Rising
BOF Battles of Faith
BOL Breath of Life
BOT Bible or Tradition
BOTB Books of the Book
BRX Bible Rx
BT Bible Treasures
BTLP Behold the Lamb Presents
BTN Back to Nature
CFTF Contending for the Faith
CGC Cracking the Genesis Code
CKT Cook 30
CKTP Cook 30 promo
CLR Celebrating Life in Recovery
COT Coming Out
CR Carter Report, The
CSC Clovis SDA Church
CSH Central Study Hour
CTR Creation to Revelation
CUL Cuttin' Loose
CUTJ Catching Up To Jesus
CWC Chew's Challenge
DAA Daniel All Access
DAS Dollars and Sense
DBOTB Books of the Book: Daniel
DCH Drugs Close to Home
DDCC Dare To Dream Creative Cooking
DDSF Dare 2 Dream Special Feature
DIV Divine Design
DOA Descendants of Abraham
DP Discover
DPM Discover Prophecy Ministries
DPR Discover Prophecy
DSP Dynamics in the Science of Prayer
DT Dog Tales
DUTP Digging Up the Past
DWK Day with the King, A
E Engage
EG Everlasting Gospel
EHE Eleventh Hour Evidence
EHW Exalting His Word
EXT Exercising Together
FC Faith Chapel
FDOF Foundation of Our Faith
FFH Families for Heaven
FFT Food for Thought
FGO For Guys Only
FGW Focus on God's Word
FIN Free Indeed
FRC Forerunner Chronicles
FRH Fire From Heaven
FSH From Sickness to Health
FVF Faith Versus Finance
FYG Facing Your Giants
GAB Great Apostasies of the Bible
GBOTB Books of the Book: Galatians
GC Great Controversy
GH Grandma's House
GMTB Give Me the Bible
GPC God's Prophetic Chain
GPL The Grace Pipeline
GYC Generation. Youth. Christ.
HC 3ABN Homecoming
HCAU 3ABN Australia Homecoming
HCL House Calls
HDL Help In Daily Living
HDS Heavens Declare, The
HFAL Health for a Lifetime
HG Higher Ground
HHR His Harvest is Ready
HIM Hope In Motion
HL Healthy Living
HLFT HeartLift
HPOV Heaven's Point of View
HRF Heroes of Faith
HTH Happy the Home
HTOH Heart of Health
HVT His Voice Today
HWAL His Words Are Life
HWIS His Way is in the Sanctuary
HYTH Help Yourself to Health
IAA Issues and Answers
IAADD Issues and Answers (D2D)
IC Intimate Clarity
ICJ The Incomparable Jesus
IDDDH Dare 2 Dream Holiday IDs
IFF India Face To Face
IFP In The Footsteps of Paul
IHS Inspired by the Holy Spirit
IIW It Is Written
IIWC It Is Written Canada
IIWR It Is Written 500 Series
INFO Special Promotion
ISITE iSite Review
IST In Search of the Truth
ITB In the Beginning
IWTC I Want This City
JA Janice's Attic
JBOTB Books of the Book: John
JFAN Jesus 4 Asia Now
KCBB 3ABN Kids Camp Bible Buzz
KCBG 3ABN Kids Camp Bible Gems
KCCC 3ABN Kids Camp Creation Crafts
KCKF 3ABN Kids Camp Kitchen Fun
KCSA 3ABN Kids Camp Sing Along
KCT Cook 30 for Kids
KOTF Keepers of the Flame
KPT Kids Praise Too!
KTPP Kids Time Praise
LAC Life After Choice
LCT Let's Cook Together
LDOP Last Day of Prophecy, The
LDS Life Discovery Series
LGS Let God Speak
LI Liberty Insider
LIF LifeStart Seminars
LIN Lineage
LLD Law of Life and Death
LM Laymen Ministries
LOE Life On the Edge
LOP Landmarks of Prophecy
LS Live Specials
LT Living Testimonies
LTBW Live to Be Well
MBI Moody Bible Institute
MBOTB Books of the Book: Mark
MCCM Michigan Conference Camp Meeting
MDD Workshop of Goodness
MFMH Melody from My Heart
MGH Marriage in God's Hands
MGNH Magnify Him
MIQ Most Important Questions
MIW Making it Work
MMG Mighty Men of God
MMJ Mary the Mother of Jesus
MMS Maranatha Mission Stories
MOC Multitude of Counselors
MTBOTB Books of the Book: Matthew
MTK Mission Trek
MTS Mission 360
MUS Music Concert
MW Making Waves
NBAS Body and Spirit (New)
NL Nightlight
NLL Night Light Live
NLLA Night Light Live - 1st Hour
NLLB Night Light Live - 2nd Hour
NP New Perceptions
OCIR OCI Reports
OFL Optimize 4 Life
OR Origins: The First Week in Time
OTA Out of Thin Air
OTG Off the Grid
OTR 3ABN On the Road
P Praise
PAS Plant a Seed
PBOTB Books of the Book: Peter
PC Pure Choices
PFM Perfecting Me
PHP Pressing In To His Presence
PHTDP Praise Him Ten Days of Prayer
PJU People Just Like Us
POF Pillars of Faith
POFCM Pillars of Our Faith 2010 Camp Meeting
POH Pathway of Hope
PTL Pathway to Life
PUP Pumped Up Parents
RAD Revelation's Ancient Discoveries
RAM Rest A Minute Fillers
RCK Revelation of the Coming King
RDR Rd 2 Romance
RIN Revelation Insights!
RJC Revelation of Jesus Christ
RLIB Religious Liberty
RMF Rest Ministries Fillers
RN Revelation Now
RNN Revelation Now (new)
ROHB Revelation of Hope (Pacleb)
RPM Redrawing the Prophetic Map
RQRA Raw Questions Relevant Answers
RR Recovery Road
RSH Revelation Speaks Hope
RSP Revelation Speaks Peace
RT Robe, The
RVT Revelation Today
RWD Revelation with Daniel
RYL Remodeling Your Life
SCM Spring Camp Meeting
SCS Steps to Christ in Song
SEM Shadow Empire
SF Special Feature
SISS Salvation in Symbols and Signs
SL Streams of Light
SLC Sunday Law Crisis, The
SMTF Studies in Matthew 24
SOD State of the Dead
SOP Secrets of Pentecost
SOR Stones of Remembrance
SPA Startling Prophecies for America
SSC Stop-Smoking Clinic
SSH Sabbath School Study Hour
SSOS Sanctuary, Salvation, & Our Savior
SSP 3ABN Sabbath School Panel
STW Secrets to Wellness
SUES Equipping The Saints
SUM Secrets Unsealed Miniseries
SUSS Silencing Satan
TAC Abortion Controversy, The
TAH Thinking About Home
TAKEF Take 15
TAP Appearing, The
TBOTB Books of the Book: Thessalonians
TCC The Creation Case
TCDM Ten Commandments Day Marathon
TCR The Creator Revealed
TCRP The Creator Revealed Promos
TDUR Ten Days in the Upper Room
TDY 3ABN Today
TDYC Today Cooking
TDYFW Today Family Worship
TDYL 3ABN Today Live
TE Tangible Evidence
TFTT Truth for These Times
TGCC The Great Cosmic Controversy
THL Thunder in the Holy Land
TIJ The Incredible Journey
TITTB Take it to the Bank
TKS True Knowledge of Self
TLA 3ABN Today LIVE - 1st Hour
TLC 3ABN Today LIVE - 3rd Hour
TLN The Latest News. Have You Heard?
TMC The Midnight Cry
TMP The Missing Peace
TNJ New Journey, The
TOP Taste of Paradise
TOTE Time Of The End
TP Teen Pathways
TPP The Prophetic Panorama
TPR Presence, The
TTE Three Elijahs, The
TTFJ Tiny Tots for Jesus
TTHS Tiny Tots Holiday Special
TTK Tiny Tots Kitchen
TTW Tiny Tots Worship
TWH Thompsonville Worship Hour
UBR Urban Report
UC Up Close
UP Ultimate Prescription
UPR Ultimate Purpose
UR Unfolding Revelation
V Variety
VIJ Victory in Jesus
VOPS Voice of Prophecy Speaks
WM Wonderfully Made
WOE Women's Ordination: Equal but Different
WOFP Week of Prayer
WOHII Women's Ordination: History, Issues & Implications
WTD Working The Dream
WWJ Walking with Jesus
YFBR Your Favorites By Request


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